Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Those who are into Internet and technology have probably noticed that an interesting image is popular on designer forums: the image shows a then & now evolution of major websites, from the moment they went online (usually around the year 2000) until the present day. And if you live and breathe web design, that image is food for thought. Sometimes, users don’t notice subtle changes (i.e. the tiny, tiny Google logo change earlier in 2014) made to websites, but looking at websites that have about 10 years between them, it’s obvious that something major has changed and websites aren’t designed the way they used to be. Granted, the biggest part of these changes is due to the evolution of technology itself: faster servers, better hardware and widely available high-speed connectivity have all led to the development of markup languages. However, the visual aspect has also changed. Minimalism isn’t just about art, music, fashion and furniture. This trend has also entered the world of website design. All respectable designers are advocating for it. Web design Ottawa companies advice their clients to have their websites redesigned from scratch to stay competitive. So what is minimal design and why should you care about it?


Obviously, the name speaks for itself: less is more. The Web 2.0 is no place for intricate graphics, bloated pages, infinite number of columns and custom cursors. These outdated trends have been replaced with clean, intuitive and functional principles: images are few, but impactful, animations and transitions are smooth and there’s only enough text to grasp your attention. Content is easy to find and scan, the color scheme is carefully chosen so as not to upset the eye. Navigation is simple and seamless and all useless elements are subtracted. The result is a website that’s easy to use and that delivers useful information and makes an impact without overwhelming the user. The modern user has neither time nor patience: if your website doesn’t draw his attention in the first 30 seconds, he’ll probably ignore it, regardless of the quality of your products or content.


Obviously, the lack of quantity led to an increase in quality. Minimal web design also focuses on high quality graphics, beautiful fonts and the smart use of text. However, you can rest assured that all this simplicity is anything for emotionless. A professional web designer will know how to play with all the above mentioned elements to create all sorts of looks, such as elegant, funky, dramatic, spooky or fresh. Details really matter and they can really make a difference between a minimal website and an incomplete one. Last, but not least, minimal design is very practical and involves less maintenance. Obviously, you will need to tweak something from time to time, but at least you don’t have to worry about changing the header image or every time you get bored of it. To discover the secrets of minima web design and implement it on your website, get in touch with a professional designer.

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Three signs you have the right deep drawn provider

Three signs you have the right deep drawn provider

So you are the lucky owner of a trustworthy company. However no matter how good business is going, try not to forget that there is always room for improvement. Most company owners settle with the idea that profit is coming and think that things will never change. This is a huge mistake and in one way or another it is the main reason for which so many businesses fail, year after year. The truth is in business, as well as in most aspects of life, there is always room for better and it is your personal duty to see that you achieve a better you constantly. This might mean dedicating more time to researching possibilities, keeping your mind and eyes open for new collaborations and opportunities and looking closely at your company. Ask yourself: could you do better or have you reached that point where balance has been obtained? Here are three signs that you are working with the right deep drawn provider. See if they fit in your case or if you could do better.


Variety in products


This is one aspect that needs to be considered at all times, starting with moment zero. From the very beginning of your collaboration, you need to make sure that the provider you are working with has a lot to offer. However, you need to constantly come back to this aspect and check if the provider has diversified its range of products even more. So, if the provider has added deep drawn cases to the list, along side other several products, then you are in good hands. It means that your partner is constantly improving and you have a lot to gain from this attitude.


Quality certification


When collaborating with a provider, operating on the deep drawing field, you need to be sure, one way or another that the products offered are of a high quality. There is no taking someone’s word for it. You have to be practical and ask for certification. If your partner is already offering such certifications, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. So, check this aspect with your provider and make sure you have those certifications.


Communication between design departments


Some providers might say that they cannot accomplish your requirements, so you might decide to settle or make compromises. This is not how things should function in the world of business. You need specific components in order to continue the assembly of your own gadgets. So, the provider you are collaborating is a good choice only if there is a solid and adequate communication between the two parts. If your design department can communicate with the same department part of the deep drawn provider’s company, then you are in good hands. If that communication fails to exist, then you might have a problem and changes might be in order. Not all entrepreneurs value communication, as they are attracted by the low rates practiced by some providers. However, an incomplete communicate might turn out to be significantly more costly.

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3 reasons why LoL players should have a smurf account

3 reasons why LoL players should have a smurf account

The truth is that many League of Legends players have smurf accounts for their servers and it is only normal to wonder if they really need them. The reason why players buy cheap LoL accounts in the first place is to improve. The matter of fact is that getting from level 1 to level 30 is quite difficult, requiring a great deal of patience and of course time. It is much simpler to buy a smurf account that is professionally leveled to level 30. But what is exactly a smurf account? Generally, a League of Legends smurf account is made the same person who has already reached level 30, the only difference being that now you start a whole new gaming experience and you do not have the same summoner name. Basically, it is a low-level account. However, you may not be tempted to pay to get to League of Legends level 30 when you can do that on your own. There are many reasons why you should purchase a smurf account, but we will only present the top 3 ones.


Fastest way to level 30 in LoL

Reaching the maximum level in League of Legends can take a very long time. As stated previously, you need time and patience. Practically, you are required to spend countless hours of playing on the computer with players who are low skilled. Hwy would you spend so much time leveling up and reaching level 30 when you can simply save time by buying an account? What you have to keep in mind is that in order to reach level 30 you need added booster packs, but even with all the additional booster packs per match you will still not be able to reach level 30 in a short period of time. As a matter of fact, it will take a great deal of time to get there.

Playing LoL with less skilled players

Are you interested in getting an easy win and having fun while you do so? Well, if you want to play League of Legends with less skilled players, then you should definitely buy a smurf account. You will be able to start from scratch due to the fact that all tabs are unranked. You will not have to deal with the frustration that you are destroyed every time. On the contrary, summoners like you can be champions for once. You will practice and you will practice until you become a winner or until you know what all of the skills do. You will be able to try unusual compositions and strategies without getting involved in the high level matches.

Everything is already unlocked

The great thing about creating a new game experience is that you have many champions and skins already unlocked. This means that you will not have to play non-stop tournaments or pay extra in order to unlock the champions or the skins. You will save a lot of time, not to mention that you will be able to play the game professionally. While freebies are not the only thing that should be on your mind, they should not be neglected either.

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How to stay ahead of the game in Pokémon Go

How to stay ahead of the game in Pokémon Go

You’ve dreamt of it, you’ve seen the ads, you were a part of the hype and now here it is: Pokémon Go! Technology finally allows you to become a Pokémon trainer, catch them all and join one of three teams and well…be the very best! Ever since it was launched, the game has been steadily growing in popularity which has of course led to huge competition levels between players. Whether you’re team Mystic, Instinct or Valor, these tips will help you catch the best Pokémon and grow your account.



Impatient? Buy a Pokémon Go account

It takes as little as a few seconds to find a Pokemon Go account for sale, but you might be wondering: is it worth it? If you are very competitive and you don’t just want to play this game casually, then yes, it definitely is. Growing a Pokémon Go account takes time and if you have a job or family, you might not be able to go out in search for Pokémon day and night. But why miss out? There are plenty of professional players out there who have grown their accounts all the way to the highest levels and now sell them online. You can choose your faction, Pokémon levels, Stardust and number of candies and then play away, without going through the week-long hassle of choosing a starter Pokémon and leveling up. Just make sure you buy the account from a reliable source and you’ll be able to compete with your experienced friends!


Learn how to spot wild Pokémon

One of the best ways to make sure you catch wild Pokémon is to be on the lookout for rustling leaves on the screen and go in that direction. Make sure you inspect as many areas as possible, because you don’t want to be stuck with just one type to evolve. If you struggle with catching them, then update the app, because the newer versions make capturing Pokémon easier even from farther away.


Know when and how to attack gyms

Attacking gyms is a straightforward process, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any strategy involved. One of the most common mistakes that players make is that compare their highest level Pokémon with the ones stationed at the opponent’s gym, but that doesn’t always guarantee success. What you should look for is Pokémon types, not levels. For example, if the Pokémon defending the gym is a fire type, send a water type, even if it has a smaller level. Also, don’t stop after you win the gym. To collect rewards, you also have to station Pokémon there and defend them.


Use offline maps

This tip isn’t a strategy, but it will help a lot, because, as we all know, Pokémon Go may just be one of the biggest battery drainers ever. To reduce battery use, download offline maps for areas you usually go hunting for Pokémon and your battery will last a bit longer. Also, if you’re not very happy with your data plan, using offline maps will also prevent additional costs.

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Where can you find Samsung phone accessories?

Where can you find Samsung phone accessories?


Everyone is using the mobile phones these days. The truth is that this little gadget has really taken over the world.  There are so many ways you can use it that it has become essential to your everyday lifestyle. Just think of the gadgets it replaces. Ask yourself how often you have looked at a wristwatch in the last year when trying to see what time it is. It is much more comfortable to use the phone. Also, it is much more comfortable to use the phone to listen to your favourite tunes. You no longer need a music player. Sure, you can invest in one if you like the idea of having a dedicated device you can use to entertain yourself. However if you are thinking of practicality than you know that a phone can easily accomplish this purpose as well, so why another investment in a completely new device?  If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, then you should stay informed in terms of accessories. Where do you purchase your Samsung Galaxy accessories? If you are still going to traditional, land based stores, you might want to consider something else, you might want to consider the online market. So, here are three aspects definitely worth looking into.

Online dedicated platforms

Phone accessories are not that difficult to find on the online market. Given the popularity of the gadget, it is only natural for dedicated accessories to be just as looked after. It is only natural for phone users to want to get as many accessories for their device as possible. Just think about it. Don’t you yourself own a pair of headphones, a power bank, a few phone cases and maybe several charging cables? The online market is the place these days. You can find anything when looking on online platforms. Phone accessories are not an exception, at least not when it comes to such a popular device as Samsung.

Look for reputation

It is very important to go towards dedicated platforms. You need a website that is trustworthy, dedicated to its goal. You need a platform that is capable of bringing forward top products, all of the highest quality. To do that, you need to go ahead and search reputation. Verify top online platforms, compare them based on their reputations and only after decide where you want to do your shopping. Compare reputations, because this is only way you can be sure that you are getting the most of what the online market is ready to offer you in terms of phone accessories.

Prices, prices, prices

There are two ways of approaching this matter. You can either go only towards expensive products, super priced products, thinking that you are gaining quality this way or you can search for offers. Sometimes prices don’t reflect quality. You can find an accessory that can last a lifetime, without spending a fortune on them. Maintain a balance, keep your budget under control and you should enjoy the right phone accessories for your needs.

Give the Internet a chance, because you are going to be surprised of what you are going to find! There are a lot of interesting products waiting for you!

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Recognising the Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Recognising the Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Contrary to what many people believe, Internet addiction is a real thing and could have potentially dreadful consequences. As is the case with many addictions, being aware of where to draw the line between seemingly “normal” activities and the ones that indicate an addiction could be extremely difficult. As the Internet is becoming a truly integral part of everyday life for most people, millions spend much of their lives connected online.

Nevertheless, the difference lies in knowing how to retain control over using the Internet, rather than ending up being controlled by a strong addiction or compulsion. However while accepting that you yourself might be developing a web addiction could be tricky, talking about it with loved ones or friends could be even more difficult.

So as far as the professionals specialising in counselling in Canterbury are concerned, what represent the most indicative and common symptoms to be on the lookout for?

Spending Time Alone

One of the most common sign of Internet addiction is spending an increased or excessive amount of time alone with a computer or a device. What represents a “normal” amount of time would naturally vary enormously from one individual to the next. Nevertheless, if escalating changes are observed in the amount of time a person spends alone with a computer, it can constitute an early sign of addiction.

Getting Defensive

As is the case with many addictions, being unnecessarily defensive could be a warning sign. When a person gets excessively defensive when being confronted about their activities, it usually represents a confirmation that they are feeling regretful or shameful about their behaviour.

Living in Denial

The same is also true for denial as when dealing with a genuine addiction, lying or denying activities and actions is very common to say to least. As stated above, denial is commonly the result of regret, shame or embarrassment, which shows that the person in question is to some extent aware of the fact that what they’re doing is detrimental or unhealthy.

Chaotic Routines

Another very common sign of a developing Internet addiction is when the person slowly but surely starts breaking their usual routines. It is likely that this kind of behaviour happens gradually and could hence make it tricky where exactly to draw the line. If nevertheless it is becoming evident that a former routine has been slowly broken and Internet use is becoming their priority, it could be a warning sign of addiction.

Social Isolation

Again, this is the type of warning sign that could take some time to really manifest and so it could be difficult to pinpoint in the case of a loved one or a close friend. People with advanced Internet addiction usually tend to be socially isolated, while spending the vast majority of their time alone at a computer or device. Nowadays, almost everybody is guilty of being a little too “attached to the screen” in the presence of family members or friends. Nonetheless, when a person seems to be slowly becoming more and more isolated from social encounters and activities, it could be the sign of an addiction.

Increased Anxiety

One of the strongest symptoms of Internet addiction is that of experiencing panic or anxiety in situations where an Internet connection is not available. In some instances, addicts would specifically try to avoid going or travelling to a place where they might face the prospect of having no Internet connection for some period of time. Likewise, when they’re unexpectedly denied an Internet connection – flat battery, dropping signal or broken device – the person might exhibit signs of nervousness, agitation and anxiety.

Workplace Problems

It is also pretty common for a person’s work life to suffer when Internet addiction is involved. In some cases, addicts will find themselves habitually contravening firm policies and guidelines by being continuously connected to the Internet throughout the day. Such situations in the workplace are becoming increasingly common these days, though when work suffers, it is possible that the person in question might be facing an addiction.

Neglecting Sleep

Last but not least, Internet addicts might find it very difficult to fall asleep due to their inability to log off. Whether it is going to bed late every night, waking up to check Internet accounts or simply not being in shape to function properly in the morning, these all could be the signs of Internet addiction.


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Smart investments for a modern haircut salon

Smart investments for a modern haircut salon

When it comes to your business, the most import part is to make it successful. But you have to be careful because this also means that you have to make your clients feel pleased. This rule is applied in the case of a haircut salon too. And in order to do that, you have to think about investing your money in a wise way, especially when the budget that you have is not so generous. And the best recommendation in this case is using the benefits that technology can offer you.


Invest in haircut salon software!


Such salon software should be used for helping you have a better management of your clients and time. For example, if someone decides to cancel the appointment, your employees should know immediately and this can happen with the help of this smart software. Moreover, the salon app online can be used even by those who are interested in keeping the inventory tracking of their salon products. Clients hate the situation when they arrive in a salon and they cannot find all the necessary products. For example, they complained about the lack of hair sprays, shampoos or other similar things.

What about levitating speakers?


Music is a very important aspect because it can make people feel better. In this case, we highly recommend you to choose some levitating speakers which can offer a superior quality of sound and which also are able to impress your clients with their innovative design. Choose those speakers which are wireless and which also have an elegant color such as blue or electric grey.

Be careful how you choose your chairs!


Technology has evolved so much that scientists are able to create everything by using their knowledge and imagination. And in this category you can include some smart chairs. Even if it may sound hard to believe, chairs can also be considered intelligent, if they come with some special functions. And we do not refer only to the fact that they can be easily adjusted in a position that can make the clients feel comfortable. They can also have a heating system which proves very useful in the cold days. Moreover, they have the role to make the clients feel more relaxed if they come with a massage function too. Due to mention is the fact that some chairs are like robots. They can even wash the clients’ hair, whereas the hairstylist is busy with something else.

Try SF decorations!


If you want to be creative, you should try investing in some decorations which seem part of a SF movie and which are appreciated due to their originality. And if you wonder which our recommendation is in this case, we would like to say that a very important part is played by wallpapers. But do not exaggerate. There are people who prefer a vintage style instead of a modern one and they will not feel comfortable in your haircut salon. Sometimes it is difficult to please everyone, but you can at least try doing that.

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Impressive tools to help you with your SEO campaigns

Impressive tools to help you with your SEO campaigns

SEO campaigns are great ways of making the wide audience more aware about your products and services. However, being able to constantly come with new and original content can be problematic. Not because you don’t have the creative resources such a campaign requires, but after a certain point, the things you can write about on a certain topic, decrease in time. However, many entrepreneurs found out that intelligent software like the TOCU technology could make such tasks easier for both content writers as well for companies who want to make themselves a successful SEO campaign. However, if you are not sure this is the best solution for you, we have some arguments below that maybe can convince you.

1. One content, endless alternatives on the web

Using complicated algorithms intelligent software nowadays have will enable every individual, professional or not to pass by the restrictive software search engines are using to penalize similar content on the web. The logic behind these options is quite easy to understand. They will change the way search engines perceive the letters. They can do this about 1,000 times, and pass with success the penalization software. There you have it. 1,000 new versions for every content you write. However, important aspects like hyperlinks will remain unchanged. For all SEO experts this can be a valuable tool in their work.

2. Same text, different background

The tool won’t change the content itself, but it’s background. Therefore, it will change the symbols of your letter with others, apparently the same, but in other writing systems. Therefore, search engines cannot identify those as the same and won’t penalize for duplicates.

3. The prefect alternative for both writers and business owners

Whether you are a specialized SEO company or you are simply a business owner looking to optimize their website in an effective manner, you can find use in a tool of this kind. You only need a well-written text, in a number of words you prefer and let the soft to do the rest for you.  For a busy company specialized in SEO services, this can be a lifesaver. Working for a client for a long period can leave your employees drained of matters on the topic they can write about, especially if your clients don’t diversify their products from time to time in order to offer fresh topics. As a business owner, you can benefit from software like this in numerous ways. Find a quite skilled employee and let him with one text for you company. After that, let the soft multiply it and have endless alternatives for your own SEO campaign. This way you can save a lot of time, money and energy!

You can see how you can put intelligent algorithms work into your favor. You don’t necessary need a large number of employees to deal with the same client for a long time. Diversify your portfolio of clients by gaining more time to deal with numerous ones!

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