Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Those who are into Internet and technology have probably noticed that an interesting image is popular on designer forums: the image shows a then & now evolution of major websites, from the moment they went online (usually around the year 2000) until the present day. And if you live and breathe web design, that image is food for thought. Sometimes, users don’t notice subtle changes (i.e. the tiny, tiny Google logo change earlier in 2014) made to websites, but looking at websites that have about 10 years between them, it’s obvious that something major has changed and websites aren’t designed the way they used to be. Granted, the biggest part of these changes is due to the evolution of technology itself: faster servers, better hardware and widely available high-speed connectivity have all led to the development of markup languages. However, the visual aspect has also changed. Minimalism isn’t just about art, music, fashion and furniture. This trend has also entered the world of website design. All respectable designers are advocating for it. Web design Ottawa companies advice their clients to have their websites redesigned from scratch to stay competitive. So what is minimal design and why should you care about it?


Obviously, the name speaks for itself: less is more. The Web 2.0 is no place for intricate graphics, bloated pages, infinite number of columns and custom cursors. These outdated trends have been replaced with clean, intuitive and functional principles: images are few, but impactful, animations and transitions are smooth and there’s only enough text to grasp your attention. Content is easy to find and scan, the color scheme is carefully chosen so as not to upset the eye. Navigation is simple and seamless and all useless elements are subtracted. The result is a website that’s easy to use and that delivers useful information and makes an impact without overwhelming the user. The modern user has neither time nor patience: if your website doesn’t draw his attention in the first 30 seconds, he’ll probably ignore it, regardless of the quality of your products or content.


Obviously, the lack of quantity led to an increase in quality. Minimal web design also focuses on high quality graphics, beautiful fonts and the smart use of text. However, you can rest assured that all this simplicity is anything for emotionless. A professional web designer will know how to play with all the above mentioned elements to create all sorts of looks, such as elegant, funky, dramatic, spooky or fresh. Details really matter and they can really make a difference between a minimal website and an incomplete one. Last, but not least, minimal design is very practical and involves less maintenance. Obviously, you will need to tweak something from time to time, but at least you don’t have to worry about changing the header image or every time you get bored of it. To discover the secrets of minima web design and implement it on your website, get in touch with a professional designer.

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Hone your skills with SAP IDES

Hone your skills with SAP IDES

Continuous improvement is said to be the hallmark of a good employee and this is especially true for people that work in the IT domain, which is evolving rapidly. Keeping up with the latest innovations in your line of work is essential to ensure not only that you will improve your skills and expand your understanding about your work, but also that you will always be an asset to your company. Whether you are at the beginning of the road or you already have a career, you will require training and certification to gain a competitive edge when trying to find a job.


What is SAP?


SAP is the largest business software company in the world and the developer of an enterprise service oriented architecture aiming to help businesses meet their objectives in a more time and cost efficient way. SAP has managed to integrate their customizable software system across 25 industries and different business processes, becoming useful for large enterprises, mid-size and small companies alike.


What is SAP IDES?

The acronym SAP IDES stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing for Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System and it works like a demo for SAP systems. It basically reconstruct a virtual world where people new with SAP can hone their skills, so it recreates a hypothetical company and situations, as well as business scenarios to provide a ground for trial and error. You can say that SAP IDES is in fact the system that supports almost all SAP training courses that allows practical training with remote access to the server. This model company contains application data for numerous business scenarios that reflect real life situations and models. The focus is on helping the user understand the integration and implementation processes of SAP solutions.


Is SAP IDES useful?

When it comes to a job in the IT domain, more than theoretical knowledge, experience and practical knowledge are valued the most. Therefore, the opportunity to practice the theory you have learned about SAP is golden, because it will ensure that you will be able to handle your tasks inside a company efficiently. When it comes to a complex and comprehensive systems like SAP, experience is absolutely necessary, because handling two different business scenarios requires different approaches and you will need to know exactly what to do in every situation. These demos have step by step instructions that show how to execute each individual process. Getting access to realistic business requirements before starting the actual work is also a unique opportunity to try new approaches and learn everything to perfection.


How can SAP IDES improve your chances of employment?

SAP IDES is a system developed to help people hone their skills. Completing a course will not only help you improve, it will also look great in your CV. Employers will look for people with experience in this domain, so having worked with SAP IDES will provide you a valuable competitive edge against other applicants, not to mention that it will also show your willingness to improve.

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A new type of online editors: free video converters

Today, the Internet and modern mobile technology has brought a significant change in the way people interact and communicate. Traditional methods of staying in touch or contacting one another are now replaced by the more modern and web-based systems. From the increasingly larger use of websites in our everyday lives to the rise of social media platforms, everything seems to happen online nowadays. The only problem with such a large connectivity between people is perfecting technologies and devices capable of supporting the globalization trend. And with gadgets being so diverse and different in terms of structure or functions from one another, it is not hard to see why users can sometimes feel overwhelmed and find their desire to share information to sometimes be hindered by the incapacity of the systems or software versions to connect between one another. This common and extremely annoying problem is visible the most when it comes to posting videos online. Since photos are generally shot in the same format by a large number of devices and can be shared easily, the real problem arises when it comes to making a video of a beautiful memory or a precious moment. For this, users often find themselves needing the help of a free video converter. Stick with us and you will discover the main advantages of using this type of online editors, as well as the major aspects to look for when choosing an application of this sort.


Like all efficient and highly reliable online editors, footage converter software is a very useful tool so long as it is created by a company with plenty of experience in the field and has great features incorporated into the interface. The transformation of the videos should be done for free and if a website asks you to pay money for this service, then you are better off looking somewhere else since a reputable platform will not charge for services of this sort. Search for an online video converter to mp4, WMV and WebM formats at least! The list of formats into which your films should be transcoded must be extensive if you want to have the best possible results. Once you’ve found such a trustworthy and ingenious application, keep using it and don’t waste time searching for converters ever again.


Furthermore, the newest online editing programs have in-built features which enable them to do much more than just edit the footage or imagery they are given. They can even record webcam videos! Indeed, if your phone is out of battery, you can use your laptop and one of these websites to film a scene on one of your trips or even on the road to work. You can also use your PC and make high resolution, impeccably looking videos which can then be used as tutorials, webinars or personal diaries. Compress the movie files you already have so that they can occupy less space on your laptop and retain the quality so that you never complain about poorly made vines or tutorials again.

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Find your potential auto technicians through motor trade agencies

Recruiting specialists to work in the automotive industry requires the help of a reputable motor trade agency. Managing the recruitment needs of a business that operates in this domain is a challenge, because experienced auto technicians are not easy to find, not to mention that a technician will not only require the expertise, but also the skills to provide quality services. The first step you need to take in order to ensure that your personnel meets the specific requirements of your company is finding reputable  motor trade agencies. The recruitment agency can take charge of the recruitment process ensuring your open vacancies and company profile will be made known to potential employees.  While the agency will provide exposure and make the first screening of the candidates, the company requiring new auto technicians will need to create a profile of the perfect employee and a list of expectations to make the screening process easier. It has been proven that good personnel management can greatly impact the performance of a business. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your employees are experienced and qualified.


Auto technicians are required not only to finish a profile school or college, but also to showcase a set of skills and personality traits such as acute attention to details and dexterity that are essential for this type of job. If you wish to hire the best team of auto technicians, you will need to collaborate with a motor trade agency with a vast experience and connections in this domain. This works both ways, because auto technicians can also resort to an agency to find a job. This is why intermediaries are the best, because they are the place where the demand meets the offer. You will be able to choose the most suitable candidates from a list of potential technicians your recruitment agency provides. There are higher chances of finding someone with a decent experience and expertise with the help of a specialized agency than looking for candidates by yourself. You will not be able to gain the necessary exposure to make your job offer known to enough candidates, while a motor trade agency will have the connections, exposure and tools necessary to ensure that you will have a list of candidates ready as soon as possible.


Motor trade agencies act as intermediaries helping both businesses operating in the automotive industry that need workforce to find suitable candidates and auto technicians to find suitable jobs. Considering the fact that companies offering jobs and those hunting for jobs resort to the same services, the recruitment process is more efficient. It is convenient for a business in need of personnel and someone looking for a job to collaborate with a company that specializes in providing assistance to both sides.  What is more, motor trade agencies are also focusing on the automotive industry, which makes the chances of recruiting the perfect candidate for a job much easier.

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Types of ink cartridges – a short buying guide

Shopping for inkjet cartridges can be a challenge, especially when you have a limited budget, because cartridges from the original manufacturer are expensive and only certain third party replacements are compatible with your specific printer. If you are shopping for ink cartridges online, you will need to find a detailed description of the printer cartridge you plan to purchase to ensure that it will fit your printer, even when buying from the original manufacturer. While store clerks will be able to advise you what type of product you need depending on the information about the printer you provide, online stores rarely have live customer support. Nevertheless, you can find the information you need by making a quick research. It is important to always check the compatibility between the cartridge and the printer to ensure that it will work considering the fact that you will probably pay more for the replacement ink cartridge than you would on a new printer.


Original ink cartridges

Inkjet cartridges made by the original manufacturer are a perfect match with the printer and of a better quality than the alternatives. However, the price of an original printer cartridge is often more than people are ready to pay. The demand for cheaper options has created a market for bulk ink, refill kits and refill services. Ink refills in whatever form are highly cost-effective and a popular choice especially among heavy users. If you use your printer seldom, refilling your cartridge is not a great idea, as the ink will dry in time making the cartridge unusable.


Remanufactured cartridges

You will also find ink cartridges that are remanufactured. Usually, these are refilled by the original manufacturer and provide a better quality print than home refilled cartridges. The price of a remanufactured product is still quite expensive, but people are encouraged to buy them to support recycling.


Third party replacements

The most affordable solution is to purchase third party replacements. These are high quality cartridges developed by other companies than the original manufacturers. They are made compatible with specific printers, so only reading the specification carefully will ensure that you bought the correct product. The third party replacements are cheap, but not all of them offer the same quality standard. You should research your options carefully, as you can find information about each type and model of cartridge online. Make sure you also check out the reliability of the ink cartridges supplier.

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The hallmarks of good web development

Good web development is essential for a company that wishes to sell or promote services and products online. A well-designed website provides an important edge over the competition, as it ensures the satisfaction of the users, one of the primary objectives of any business. The importance of a fully functional and aesthetically appealing website has been accentuated over and over again by specialists, but many businesses are still using outdated and unfriendly sites as their official online connection with customers. Whether people are still not convinced how lucrative having a strong online presence is to invest in web development or they are uncertain about the hallmarks of a good website, those companies that have fallen behind the times are shunned by Internet users and are rapidly losing customers and revenue. Website focused marketing strategies have always given excellent results with minimum investments. To achieve success in the virtual world, you require the help of an experienced web development Melbourne team capable of creating a website that presents all the hallmarks of a good design.


User friendly interface

Often overlooked, the intuitive design of a website can become the main reason why your customers prefer to shop from your online store. An easy to navigate site will have the advantage, because people feel pressed for time and are quick to discard websites that take time to load or are difficult to understand. Simplicity pays off when it comes to website design, because users will not have a hard time reaching their goal when dealing with a well-organized material. The little things like fast-loading pages, minimal scroll, intuitive navigation and a consistent site layout really do matter, because they make a great user experience.


Mobile responsive

With the advent of mobile technology and its extraordinary popularity, it is highly important for your website to have a responsive design. Internet users are using their smartphones and tablets to purchase items online. A responsive design will ensure that your website fits to smaller screens as well.


Great functionality

The functionality of a website is paramount.  All the components of the website need to be working correctly and quickly to ensure that visitors do not become frustrated when navigating the site. Error free websites are highly appreciated, while poorly constructed ones are not well received.


Aesthetically appealing appearance

The appearance of a website is essential in the attempt to attract more visitors and customers. A clean design made with taste will instill trust, not to mention that you can make use of the graphic designer’s skill to create a representative logo for your company that will make it more memorable.

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The perfect gift for golf enthusiasts

The perfect gift for golf enthusiasts

Having friends who are into sports can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have plenty of options to choose from when you have to buy a gift and you can never run out of ideas. On the other hand, picking a gift can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about the kind of gear that your friend uses. If you have a friend who is into golf, the good news is that there is a huge market out there and there will always be a new gadget or club that your friend would like to try. It is even better if you have a father that loves golf, because you will not need to worry about what to get him every Father’s Day. A golfer will never refuse a gift that will help them improve their play. You can also get inspiration from and choose a unique gift for your dad. However, golf products tend to be a bit expensive and you will need some basic knowledge about this sport to make sure your gift is well received. Have a look on review websites such as to find out about the latest trends in golf and surprise your mate with a thoughtful gift.


The average golf enthusiasts dreams about two ultimate gifts: a set of high end clubs and a state of the art laser rangefinder. The former are very important and can literally influence a player’s results, so if you have a friend who wants to go pro, definitely consider a set of clubs. Make sure you throw a few hints first, because golfers can be very personal about the equipment they use and most of the time they stick to a particular brand or model for the entire duration of their career. If your friend already has an impressive collection of clubs, then don’t buy them something that’s entry level, because they will never use it. However, if someone you know is just getting ready to start golf, then help them by buying their first set of clubs. If you have a bigger budget available and would like to surprise your friend, choose a rangefinder. These gadgets are very useful, especially to pros, but not everyone has one, because they can be a bit expensive. GPS rangefinders are a nice choice for entry-level players, while laser ones are for the experienced ones. You can purchase a traditional rangefinder, shaped like binoculars, or buy a more compact, minimal design, shaped like a watch. Make sure you read some reviews in advanced or ask your friend what they would like to receive, because not all models available on the market are worthy of being tried out. Bushnell is a reliable brand, so you can have a look at their discounts if you’re looking for practical ideas.



If these two gift ideas are too expensive or too complicated to get right, you can always go for the classic options that are always well received by any golfer: golf balls and golf apparel. Golf balls are inexpensive and a player can never have too many. Also, golf apparel is very useful, so whether you choose to buy polo shirts, golf shoes, sun glasses or caps, the gift will definitely please your friend.

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The importance of taking the right dosage of Viagra

The importance of taking the right dosage of Viagra

Like with any other drugs, taking the right dosage is extremely important if you want to avoid side effects. Even though Viagra is usually considered safe, it is not recommended to those who suffer from heart problems, diabetes and other medical conditions they might have to deal with. The mistake that most people make is not to see a doctor before taking this drug. It can be very easy to take the wrong dosage or to assess the seriousness of your problem. Used to treat Erectile Dysfunctions, Viagra is considered by many men a miracle drug, although it should always be taken carefully. Websites such as offer people all the information they need to know about this product along with the recommendation of always seeing a doctor before taking anything.


There are several dosages of Viagra available on the market, starting with 0.25 mg. Some men might think that they need a bigger dosage, but they will be surprised to see that they enjoy the effects of a lower dosage more. In addition, many of those who will be taking Viagra for the very first time will probably not manage to achieve an erection at all, but this is nothing to worry about, as it can take the body some time to get used to this substance. However, they should not take a second pill and they should wait until the next day to try again. Only of the results fail to appear after a few tries should they visit their doctor and ask for a higher dosage. In addition, men should keep in mind that an erection can only be achieved through sexual stimulation and not by simply taking the pill.


Specialists recommend men to take Viagra with about an hour before intercourse, but it can be taken with up to 4 hours before, allowing their users to have all the time in the world, relax and enjoy their time. Many men actually experience a more intense pleasure when they take the lowest dosage, so keep that in mind the next time you are not sure what dosage to take. Regardless of the case, you should never take Viagra more than once a day, as you risk developing some of its side effects if you do. The good news is that most men are satisfied by the lowest dosage, so you can rest assured that you will not need to take a very large amount of Viagra to enjoy its effects.


Viagra is considered a safe drug by many specialists, but this does not mean that it should be taken without seeing a specialist before hand. Your doctor will asses your condition and recommend you how much Viagra you can take and how often you are allowed to take it. The importance of taking the right dosage of Viagra cannot be understated, because when the wrong one, the results can be dangerous and you could end up with other health problems. Viagra is not something recommended to all people and everyone needs to avoid generics and much too high dosage for their needs.

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