Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Those who are into Internet and technology have probably noticed that an interesting image is popular on designer forums: the image shows a then & now evolution of major websites, from the moment they went online (usually around the year 2000) until the present day. And if you live and breathe web design, that image is food for thought. Sometimes, users don’t notice subtle changes (i.e. the tiny, tiny Google logo change earlier in 2014) made to websites, but looking at websites that have about 10 years between them, it’s obvious that something major has changed and websites aren’t designed the way they used to be. Granted, the biggest part of these changes is due to the evolution of technology itself: faster servers, better hardware and widely available high-speed connectivity have all led to the development of markup languages. However, the visual aspect has also changed. Minimalism isn’t just about art, music, fashion and furniture. This trend has also entered the world of website design. All respectable designers are advocating for it. Web design Ottawa companies advice their clients to have their websites redesigned from scratch to stay competitive. So what is minimal design and why should you care about it?


Obviously, the name speaks for itself: less is more. The Web 2.0 is no place for intricate graphics, bloated pages, infinite number of columns and custom cursors. These outdated trends have been replaced with clean, intuitive and functional principles: images are few, but impactful, animations and transitions are smooth and there’s only enough text to grasp your attention. Content is easy to find and scan, the color scheme is carefully chosen so as not to upset the eye. Navigation is simple and seamless and all useless elements are subtracted. The result is a website that’s easy to use and that delivers useful information and makes an impact without overwhelming the user. The modern user has neither time nor patience: if your website doesn’t draw his attention in the first 30 seconds, he’ll probably ignore it, regardless of the quality of your products or content.


Obviously, the lack of quantity led to an increase in quality. Minimal web design also focuses on high quality graphics, beautiful fonts and the smart use of text. However, you can rest assured that all this simplicity is anything for emotionless. A professional web designer will know how to play with all the above mentioned elements to create all sorts of looks, such as elegant, funky, dramatic, spooky or fresh. Details really matter and they can really make a difference between a minimal website and an incomplete one. Last, but not least, minimal design is very practical and involves less maintenance. Obviously, you will need to tweak something from time to time, but at least you don’t have to worry about changing the header image or every time you get bored of it. To discover the secrets of minima web design and implement it on your website, get in touch with a professional designer.

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Stay ahead the curve using these online marketing and SEO trends

Stay ahead the curve using these online marketing and SEO trends

In the past years, the internet has definitely become the most comprehensive resource and tool for people in need of goods, services and even information. For this reason, online marketing has become one of the most powerful tools when it comes to advertising and branding. However, using the virtual space for promotion can be a double edged sword. There is no official education tool you can use to find out which the most efficient strategy is, not to mention that each business has its own target audience and potential customers. Actually, online marketing is mostly based on speculations and data interpretation. This is probably why in case you are thinking about developing some dedicated strategies for your company; you need to make sure you hire one of the best marketing consultants in the industry. They have enough experience and knowledge to understand the latest trends and come up with the most suitable solutions. In order to get familiar with this domain, here are some of the latest trends you may want to keep in mind:

The constantly changing search engine algorithms

There are many search engines one can use to get results from the online environment, but the most popular one is, without any doubt, Google. So far, so good, but the trick is Google is using a wide array of algorithms and systems to provide both searchers and web site owners dedicated services. What is even trickier is that these are constantly changing, so if your digital marketing strategies are based on SEO, you should always keep an eye on any type of variation. Google makes about two adjustments to their algorithm every day, which may get confusing for anyone. Needless to say, the changes have a great impact on the internet marketing community, so make sure you are aware of each and every one of them.

Social content is the real deal

Experts claim in the upcoming period, social content is the one marketing element that will gain prominence. Lately, millions of people all around the world are using social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. For this reason, it seems that this type of advertising will be more and more relevant for the years to come. Currently, more than 70% of marketers use social media for efficient SEO strategies and better rankings, but the per cent is likely to grow. Get an advantage over your competitors and start using this trend right away.

Mobile optimization will become mandatory

Smart phones and tablets have been on the market for some time now, but since manufacturers are constantly improving their products, these devices will become even more popular and performing. This means that creating mobile friendly platforms and strategies is something any marketer should focus on. Keep in mind that your audience may be easily reached through responsive and versatile methods, so you need to be ready to go the extra mile and innovate. Mobile optimization will no longer be an option, but rather a norm.


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Uncommon yet efficient hacks you must know about Google AdWords  

Uncommon yet efficient hacks you must know about Google AdWords  

Creating AdWords campaigns is not as easy as it may sound, especially since nowadays more and more marketers are aware of how important this tool actually is. Google makes millions of dollars per day due to this app, so you should also take full advantage of it. If you want to help your business grow in the virtual environment, you must learn how to master AdWords and build strategies and campaigns based on the exact results delivered by this tool. Keyword research and pay per click are only some of the most popular and efficient things you can do using this specialized Google app.  There are, however, some other tricky features not everybody knows, that you can use in order to maximize your profits through AdWords. The dedicated Irish Digital Marketing Agency SMBclix is sharing some of these with you, so read on to find out more details.

The difference between search and display network

Those who are new to the AdWords world may mistake these two terms, but things are actually simple. Basically, there are two networks where you can run your campaigns: search network (operating based on keywords and happening mostly on Google and other search engines) and display network (when the ad appears on multiple web pages that Google considers relevant for the services you offer). These involve different keyword selection, bids and also content. Do not make the mistake of using the same materials for both channels, because chances are you fail to achieve your goals.

Choosing the best placement

When it comes to display network campaigns, you must know that the right placement plays an important role for the success of your ads. For this reason, you have to learn how to select your display position and eliminate bad placement, because this is a complete waste of time and money. The first thing you should keep in mind is your niche: the people you address are the ones you count on to provide you with more web traffic, but this will not happen unless you target correctly. To this end, inform yourself about topic, interest and contextual targeting. A professional infographic about AdWords will show you relevant data and conversion values, so that you can understand why and how placement is actually efficient.

Design a solid keyword structure

Poor keyword structure will have a negative effect on your campaign, which is why you have to make sure you avoid it. The way you organize your keywords, campaigns and advertising groups make a difference when it comes to the final result, so remember not to make this randomly. A cluttered structure means you are paying too much without getting the desired results, so you have to make a big change. The best way to structure your campaigns is to split large groups into smaller ones, which should consist in related keywords matched by theme or topic.


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Deciding on the right online recruitment agency

Deciding on the right online recruitment agency

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the online market functions like a charm if you are looking for fast solutions. Unlike the traditional, land based one, where you are forced to wait for results, the online market comes with an answer rather quickly. However, when some things sound too good to be true in most cases, they are. As beneficial as the Internet might sound, this market has its traps and you need to start learning to avoid them. There are various online platforms you can stumble upon, each one having its own purpose. Online stores are everywhere, quickly followed by presentation websites and lately, online recruiting platforms. An example in this regard is which is actually a trustworthy and highly dedicated website that has been granted with a great level of popularity for all the right reasons. Getting to the bottom of these reasons might help you understand how to adequately choose an online platform of this kind, thus making sure that all your efforts will be worthwhile.


Strong platforms have strong reputations


The reality is that in a world that is so popular, so intensely researched by candidates as well as entrepreneurs, online platforms find it simple to build a reputation. There is a public that has opinions, a public that can be either satisfied or upset with the quality of the services. So, if you are going to choose a dedicated online platform then you might as well convince yourself that you are in fact dealing with a dedicated, highly reputable online agency. It shouldn’t be that difficult, not if you are carefully reviewing reputation.


Keeping up with changes


One has to understand that the world of recruiting changes and it does so quite often. It is important to make absolutely sure that you are updated and always informed of all modifications. There could be changes regarding the manner in which your resume looks. When trying to fill it out in an appropriate manner, you follow certain trends. It is important to be able to count on the online platform you are collaborating with, more specifically on the indications received. This way, your resume will adequately represent your work and offer you higher changes of obtaining the much desire job.


Diversity in options


The Internet is known for bringing diversity. Anything you might be looking for, from a pair of shoes to a new job, all can be rather diverse. Even though at a certain point you might find it rather difficult to choose, diversity is certainly an advantage. A dedicated platform will earn the public’s appreciation by bringing forward several options in terms of job opportunities. If you are talking about a medical recruiting agency, then diversity is more than welcomed. It is expected. A dedicated such agency should be able to respond to the complexity of the system and bring forward all sorts of healthcare jobs. You will know that you are working with a dedicated, reliable agency the moment you notice a large number of jobs just waiting to be accessed by the right candidates.

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What features to look for in metal detectors?

What features to look for in metal detectors?

If you have seen one of those Indiana Jones movies, then you might be one of those persons that have instantly fallen in love with metal detecting. You should know that finding treasures using a metal detector is not something that only happens in movies, since people practice this activity for decades. In case you want to become a treasure hunter yourself, looking for Garrett metal detectors for sale on various websites is the first thing you need to do. However, do you know exactly what features to look for in order to find the right metal detector for you?

Make sure it is suitable for your level

There is a wide variety of metal detectors available on the market, so you do not have to worry that you will not find something that matches both your needs and budget. What is important to remember is that you should look for a metal detector that is suitable for you. There are devices specifically designed for professional hunters, with various features available and other devices that are more friendly and suitable for beginner or entry-level users. Make sure you read some reliable and up to date reviews to see which one is best for you.


One important feature metal detectors should have is to be waterproof. In case you live near the beach, you might consider yourself a lucky person. Numerous people who come to the beach are prone to losing various objects, including coins, watches, necklaces, bracelets or other valuable things that metal detectors can find. It is important to look for a device that is waterproof because this feature will allow you to search for treasures in shallow waters. Some detectors might not work properly if used in dewy grass, so having this feature available is definitely an advantage.

Discrimination mode

As weird as this feature might sound like, it is quite useful when it comes to metal detectors. The discrimination mode allows the user to look only for specific types of metals that are more valuable and avoid other ones, such as aluminum or foil, which are considered worthless. This feature can be used in places where there is a lot of metal trash and by activating it, the metal hunting is no longer considered a bargain.


Another important aspect people should take into account when searching for metal detectors is to make sure the device matches their budget. It is worth mentioning that with such a wide diversity available on the market, people can choose the specific device that fits their budget. Some detectors that are designed for professional use might cost you some extra money, but if you are looking for a beginner level tool, the price should not exceed several hundreds of dollars. Do some research online and look for the best supplier to purchase the metal detector you have dreamed of.

Overall, these are only some of the main features to look for in metal detectors that people should keep in mind the moment they decide to become treasure hunters.

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4 gifts for the tech lover

4 gifts for the tech lover

If you have a friend who is always looking for new gadgets and you want to offer him or her a gift that they can appreciate, there are a few items that will surely bring a smile on their faces. Of course, gadgets are not usually very cheap, but if you decide to share a gift with a few friends, together you should be able to purchase just what your friend needed. To this extent, these are the main items that you should take into consideration:


A robotic vacuum

This is a great gift for those who like to keep their homes clean, but don’t really have time to vacuum as often as they would like. The best robotic vacuum will do wonders for any person’s house, as it will remove all the crumbles and dust off the ground, without them having to do anything. This is one of those gifts that will actually come in handy around the house, not to mention that it will make a great conversation starter. You can order a robotic vacuum online easily and have it delivered to your home, just before the birthday party.


A Bluetooth Floating Speaker

This is another cool gift that any tech lover will appreciate. These speakers are innovative, they produce excellent sound and they actually float! It will be a wonderful surprise for your friend, who will be super excited to try the new speaker and will be able to listen to their favorite songs anywhere in house, directly from the phone.


A robotic mower

If your friend always seems to have its lawn in need of a little trimming, a robotic mower might be the perfect gift. They will appreciate the technology behind it and they will never have to waste time mowing their lawn again, because this device will do everything for them. Robotic mowers are very cool inventions that many people choose to use every day, as they enable them to save a lot of time and energy.


A pair of headphones

Everybody has a set of headphones, but everybody needs a new one as well, because somehow the first pair always gets misplaced or maybe they need one for their office as well. In any case, your friend will surely appreciate a new pair of headphones to try out every time they feel like mixing things up or they have misplaced their other pair. Be sure to choose high quality headphones for your friend, because if they are knowledgeable in the field, they will always appreciate a high end product.


These are just a few gift ideas for someone who loves trying out new tech items and is always up to date with the latest news in technology. You will surely have a lot of options out there and together with the rest of your friends, you should be able to find something exciting for your friend, something that they will really appreciate. When you take your time and really put some effort into choosing the perfect game, you can always count on receiving the appreciation of your friend.

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Reasons you should consider buying a 3D printer

Reasons you should consider buying a 3D printer

3D printers have become a very popular item lately, and due to their amazing features, it is no wonder why. For those who are passionate about technology and impressive gadgets, 3D printers have easily reached the top of their wish list. Although, the price of these devices can seem a bit expensive, if you choose your supplier wisely, you will be able to find a cheap 3D printer for sale. However, is this smart gadget really worth the investment? Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider buying a 3D printer.


It can help you save money

Yes, you might face the need of making a big hole in your savings account if out decide to buy this device, but in the long run you will come to the conclusion that it has helped you save a lot of money. Are you in need of a new vase? Is your kid asking you to buy him a new toy? Has a household item broken and you need to buy a new one? Well, now you have a store in your own house, and everything is free of charge. With this device, you will be able to print anything that you can or cannot imagine. Replacement parts, household items, toys and many more. So, if you come to think of it, a 3D printer will be a long-term investment that can help you save more money than you could have initially imagined.

You can use it as a gift machine

When it comes to birthdays, choosing the ideal present is probably the hardest decision to make. If you want to surprise your friends and loved ones with unique gifts, than a 3D printer might be exactly what you need. With this device at your disposal, you will have a gift machine in your own house, which you will be able to use whenever you will want to give a one-of-a-kind present.

Let’s face it! It’s fun to use!

Regardless of how many reasons exist for buying a 3D printer, reasons that are actually beneficial, most of the buyers choose to purchase this device because it is fun to use. Have you thought about creating your own personalized mouse pad or a unique key chain? Now you can do it. A 3D printer will be fun to use not only for you but for your entire family as well.

As you can see, a 3D printer is definitely an investment worth making. If you are willing to spend some money on a cool and fund gadget, then a 3D printer is certainly the way to go. From shoes, to toys or small household items, you can create everything you desire with just the click of a button. With amazing technology and advanced features, this device is truly an innovation. However, if you desire to buy one, make sure you choose wisely. Research the topic and see which the most affordable and qualitative options are. Make an informed choice, and you will not regret buying this amazing gadget.

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Ensure that your LEV system is maintained in an efficient state

Ensure that your LEV system is maintained in an efficient state

If you decided to install a LEV system for reducing the workers’ exposure to potential harmful substances, then you should know that you also have to collaborate with a company to test and evaluate it. In the working process, there are generated harmful fumes and dust, and this system has the role to filter it and offer your employees the possibility to breathe fresh air, so you have to be sure that it functions at its greatest performance, to be able to control the substances. But, you also have to know, that there are specific regulations which require that when having this type of system you should get a LEV Testing periodically.

Why is important for the LEV system to function properly

When installing this system, you intended to improve the state of the working environment, and make it a healthy one for your employees, but in time there might arise some issues, and it might not be able to function as it firstly did. It is crucial for these systems to work properly, because they remove the air contaminant at the source and the fumes and dust will not enter the employees’ breathing zone, and affect their health. This feature is very useful for the companies that use toxic chemicals that might cause harm on both long and short-term exposures. In case they are damaged, they will require more volumetric airflow and this will influence its performance. The system is able to control multiple types of air contaminants, but in case it is damaged, it might not be able to remove them anymore, and some of the vapours and gases will be present in the working environment, and you will not be able to notice it, until one of your employees will get sick. An essential reason to have a functional LEV system is that the operating costs are lower when it functions at normal capacity. Also, the costs of having this system compared to having other type of dilution ventilation are fewer.

What the employer should know

The first thing you should know is the date when you have to have the evaluation of the system, because you have to contract the testing company in time. The search for a company might be overwhelming because, you do not know which one of them is better than others are. Therefore you have to spend some time in doing some research and see what you can find about every one of them. After deciding upon a certain firm, you should ask about the experience of the person who will come to evaluate your system, because you have to be sure that they sent you a specialist, who will not only test the system, but who will also be able to recommend you solutions, in case it experiences issues. Before coming at the site, the evaluator will ask you, for certain information, and you should not ignore to offer it, because according to it he will be able to properly evaluate it.

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