Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Those who are into Internet and technology have probably noticed that an interesting image is popular on designer forums: the image shows a then & now evolution of major websites, from the moment they went online (usually around the year 2000) until the present day. And if you live and breathe web design, that image is food for thought. Sometimes, users don’t notice subtle changes (i.e. the tiny, tiny Google logo change earlier in 2014) made to websites, but looking at websites that have about 10 years between them, it’s obvious that something major has changed and websites aren’t designed the way they used to be. Granted, the biggest part of these changes is due to the evolution of technology itself: faster servers, better hardware and widely available high-speed connectivity have all led to the development of markup languages. However, the visual aspect has also changed. Minimalism isn’t just about art, music, fashion and furniture. This trend has also entered the world of website design. All respectable designers are advocating for it. Web design Ottawa companies advice their clients to have their websites redesigned from scratch to stay competitive. So what is minimal design and why should you care about it?


Obviously, the name speaks for itself: less is more. The Web 2.0 is no place for intricate graphics, bloated pages, infinite number of columns and custom cursors. These outdated trends have been replaced with clean, intuitive and functional principles: images are few, but impactful, animations and transitions are smooth and there’s only enough text to grasp your attention. Content is easy to find and scan, the color scheme is carefully chosen so as not to upset the eye. Navigation is simple and seamless and all useless elements are subtracted. The result is a website that’s easy to use and that delivers useful information and makes an impact without overwhelming the user. The modern user has neither time nor patience: if your website doesn’t draw his attention in the first 30 seconds, he’ll probably ignore it, regardless of the quality of your products or content.


Obviously, the lack of quantity led to an increase in quality. Minimal web design also focuses on high quality graphics, beautiful fonts and the smart use of text. However, you can rest assured that all this simplicity is anything for emotionless. A professional web designer will know how to play with all the above mentioned elements to create all sorts of looks, such as elegant, funky, dramatic, spooky or fresh. Details really matter and they can really make a difference between a minimal website and an incomplete one. Last, but not least, minimal design is very practical and involves less maintenance. Obviously, you will need to tweak something from time to time, but at least you don’t have to worry about changing the header image or every time you get bored of it. To discover the secrets of minima web design and implement it on your website, get in touch with a professional designer.

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Reasons you should start watching video games

Reasons you should start watching video games


Video games have become very popular from the very beginning because they are very exciting and entertaining. Nowadays, there are more games than you have ever imagined, meaning that you have the possibility you choose from a variety of settings and beautiful skins. It is recommended to try multiplayer games too because they will help you socialize more and they are funnier at the same time. If you are not new in this domain, you certainly know that some people are very curious to watch different videos with popular games and they seem to like it more than playing. If you don’t know why, you should read this article and you will understand. DingIt TV is one of the most popular platforms where you will find thousands of videos with different performances, but you will also be able to upload your own content.

Improve your skills

The most powerful reason why you should start watching PC games is the fact that you will have the chance to improve your performance and learn some new strategies. Nothing is better than being inspired from other player’s performance because you will improve your vision very fast. You will get better and better if you will exercise more often and watch live streaming every time you will have the possibility. Watching someone better than you is probably the most useful thing that you can do, no matter if you want to be a popular gamer or a prestigious architect. You just need to have confidence and never give up.

Funny and entertaining

If you are a video gaming lover, playing you will also enjoy watching video games. You will be surprised to see how funny it could be. Watching them is just like watching movies, but everything would be so real because the player’s performance is so captivating. You will be curious to know what will happen until the end because everything is surprising and unexpected. If you don’t have a favorite serial yet, you should better start watching PC games because you will become a fan very soon. You can play them whenever you want, even when you don’t have a good mood because they will help you forget about problems. They are very catchy and almost addictive thanks to the fact that they make you want to know more.

Perfect for relaxation

If you want to relax and forget about stress, you should start watching video games considering the fact that they are very complex and captivating at the same time. You just need to use a laptop and be connected to the Internet in order to see them. The best thing is that you can do this thing while simply staying in your own bed and drink something fresh. If you have some friends that live with you or maybe some brothers, you should tell them about this hobby and try to watch it together. You will see that it will be even more interesting because you will have the possibility to discuss about what is happening and also bet on the winning team.

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Pros and cons of buying a 2017 Ford Focus

Pros and cons of buying a 2017 Ford Focus

It is generally agreed that Ford is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturers and it has made a name for itself in the past decades. This company has always placed its customers’ interests on the first place and has looked for various ways to improve their products with every new car they have launched. According to Edmunds, the 2017 Ford Focus has definitely exceeded customers’ expectations. If you are interested in buying this car model, you should first check the pros and cons mentioned below.


Pro – excellent gas mileage

Compared to previous Ford Focus models, the 2017 one comes with some changes in the engine in the sense that it provides drivers with great gas mileage due to the EcoBoost technology, which makes the perfect choice for those looking for some extra fuel savings.

Pro – easy to handle

Another good reason why you should choose the 2017 Ford Focus model instead of any other cars is that it is extremely easy to handle. It may not be a sports car, yet it feels very responsive, not to mention that the electric steering system offers the exact amount of road feedback you need. Worth mentioning is also the fact that despite the sportiness of the car, the ride comfort is not affected in any way.

Pro – silent ride

In terms of quietness, this car model is definitely one that stands out from the crowd. Whether you are travelling at low or highway speed, the level of road and wind noise is at its minimum and this is due to the top build quality the manufacturer invested in the car. The insulation system Ford applied on this model is beyond what drivers could ask for.

Con – acceleration may not please every type of driver

It was already mentioned that the sharp handling of 2017 Focus is a top feature, yet it may not please every driver in the sense that its acceleration may not leave everyone amazed. When the EcoBoost is turned on, it takes nearly 10 seconds for the car to reach 60 mph, which may not be enough for those interested in sports cars.

Con – forward collision warning technology still not available

The car is stated to be one of the safest vehicles on the market and many people who have already made a purchase agree to this fact. Yet, it is important to mention that some of Ford’s rivals have come up with forward collision warning technology, which may prove to be a determining criterion for some buyers.

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Follow a video-hosting website and step up your gaming skills

Follow a video-hosting website and step up your gaming skills


Gaming is and has been for a while, an extremely popular activity, the number of players increasing every day. Regardless of what type of games you mostly enjoy playing, and what gaming console you use, nowadays you have the possibility of improving your skills by following people who have become proficient players. Just by searching online, you can find a reputable video-hosting website, such as DingIt TV, which allows you to discover the secrets and tricks of gaming pros, as well as show your own capabilities. Here is why starting to follow a video hosting platform could be a wise idea:

Gaming skill improvement

The first and most obvious reason why following this type of website is to improve your own gaming skills. Although it might not make that big of a difference at first, after spending enough time seeing how other people play a game you like, can help you understand the gameplay, and become better at it yourself. There could be many hidden tricks that you might not know much about, because video games are usually complex, and following players with more experience will certainly come in handy, even if you might not realize it at first.

Discovering a wider variety of games

If you having been gaming for a long time, and you have many friends who share the same hobby with you, then you have probably heard on more than one occasion someone who’s complaining they do not know what to play. Although the market offers so many options to choose from, without trying them for yourself, you cannot know if they are worth spending money in. Well, by following a video hosting website, you can have the opportunity to discover games that you might not even knew existed. You might end up discovering an excellent game, which you will want to play 24/7. A video hosting platform allows you to learn more about the gaming community, and gives you the chance to join it yourself, and the benefits of doing so will follow.

It’s a fun activity

Even if you are not a big gamer yourself, watching someone who loves gaming play can be an entertaining activity. Those who film themselves while playing make sure to add some personality to their skills, and their videos can be worth watching. Even if you might not have been a big fan of video games until now, perhaps seeing someone putting passion into this hobby, might determine you to try this experience for yourself.

If you have just discovered a few amazing games, but you find it difficult to level up, and do not understand the principles of the games entirely, then watching a pro play them, might help you out. A vide hosting website could help you become the advanced gamer you have always desired to be. This type of platform has allowed numerous gaming enthusiasts to become popular in the gaming community, and after you acquire the skills necessary, it can do the same for you.

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Toyota Tacoma: pros & cons

Toyota Tacoma: pros & cons


If you want to buy a car that will help you to carry different heavy objects, you should research more before deciding upon the model. It is very important to read some reliable reviews because they will help you understand better some features of a car. You will see that you will be able to make smart comparisons between different models and it is fantastic.  According to Edmunds, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma offers toughness and most of all, utility. If you are planning to use it even out of the paved road, you should know that this car could be very useful, although it has some weaknesses too. In any case, you have to be very well informed about the pros and cons of your possible car. If you want to buy a car that will be easy to handle and tough in any situation, you will have to consider the reviews first.

Cargo capacity

Toyota models have always offered many wonderful features, but the most important one is the cargo capacity. Toyota Tacoma is very popular because it seems to offer a bigger cargo capacity comparing it with the older models or with other similar cars. It is a wonderful thing because you will have the possibility to carry more things without being afraid that they won’t be safe or that the car will encounter problems. The bed is deeper and you can take advantage of the four tie-downs if you are interested in adding more utility. This is one of the most interesting advantages of Toyota Tacoma. It should also be mentioned that the tailgate has included an external AC power adapter.

Safe car

Many people agree with the fact that this Toyota model is offering so much safety considering its features. The blind-spot monitor is very useful because when you will initiate a lane change and another vehicle will get closer very fast, a visual or audio warning will inform you about the danger. It means that you will be able to prevent an accident, so nothing bad would happen. Parking in dangerous spaces will be so much safer because another feature of this car is that it can alert you if the traffic will approach while you will try to back out from a parking space.


A very annoying thing is that if you are a taller driver, you could feel very uncomfortable in this car because the headroom is very small. Moreover, when you will need to drive out of the paved roads where you will meet so many bumps, it is possible that you will touch the roof. Another bad thing is that the brakes are sometimes very perceptible and it can be difficult to make them smooth. The Toyota Tacoma can be difficult to handle in some situations considering the fact that it is made of separate frame. These things could be very uncomfortable for you, so if you know that you won’t like such rides, you must read other reviews of different cars and decide upon a different car.

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Reasons why your enterprise should use a password management tool

Reasons why your enterprise should use a password management tool


For a large enterprise, it is important to have a help desk to meet the growing IT support needs of the customer base. Help desks provide a trouble-shooting approach by having personnel with vast technical knowledge. The most common help desk call is a user demanding a password reset. IT customers have the tendency to forget their identification and consequently need the help of the help desk to reset it. Instead of having your IT staff assists users routinely, you should implement a solution that allows customers to reset their passwords without aid from the help desk. A password management tool is what you need. Such a software program operates across many operating systems and mobile devices and, most importantly, reduces the workload. If you are not using a password management tool, you should. Here are some reasons why you should use such a software application.

Improve help desk efficiency

Usually, a help desk acts like the keeper of the user account. Making sure that your help desk runs at peak efficiency is essential for your business. So how are you going to help your help desk? With a password manager of course. The software application enables users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts. This means that they will no longer be required to wait for the helpdesk to deal with their problems. IT customers can reset their user authentication details anywhere and anytime using a Web browser, an automated phone call system or voice recognition. The leading source of help desk calls is this eliminated and your IT specialists can focus on matters that are more important. Eliminating a significant percentage of these calls will also save you money as it costs a lot to handle them.

Increase security

The password management tool not only streamlines help desk operations, but also eliminates reset request from unauthorized parties. What happens when a secret key leaks is that malicious individuals get hold of customers personal information and try to use it on other sites. If questionable activity takes place, your employees and IT staff are immediately notified. What is certain is that you will have fewer data security issues. The software application ensures a good password-reset practice, protecting your customers and your enterprise from “life hack” attacks.

Stronger, unique passwords

IT customers generally end up using some of the weakest sequences of characters. Fortunately, the password manager helps users understand that their key words and not very strong and that they need to create passwords that can withstand hacker attacks. The interface of the software application evaluates IT users’ identification in terms of strength, providing them feedback on failed criteria. Customers will only have to remember a single secret key because the manager automatically fills in their details on all connected systems.

The bottom line is that your enterprise needs a password management tool. This software application helps users keep track of their logins, not to mention that it improves help desk efficiency. Your help desk will no longer be handling password related issues, but respond to pressing business demands.

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Three signs you have the right deep drawn provider

Three signs you have the right deep drawn provider

So you are the lucky owner of a trustworthy company. However no matter how good business is going, try not to forget that there is always room for improvement. Most company owners settle with the idea that profit is coming and think that things will never change. This is a huge mistake and in one way or another it is the main reason for which so many businesses fail, year after year. The truth is in business, as well as in most aspects of life, there is always room for better and it is your personal duty to see that you achieve a better you constantly. This might mean dedicating more time to researching possibilities, keeping your mind and eyes open for new collaborations and opportunities and looking closely at your company. Ask yourself: could you do better or have you reached that point where balance has been obtained? Here are three signs that you are working with the right deep drawn provider. See if they fit in your case or if you could do better.


Variety in products


This is one aspect that needs to be considered at all times, starting with moment zero. From the very beginning of your collaboration, you need to make sure that the provider you are working with has a lot to offer. However, you need to constantly come back to this aspect and check if the provider has diversified its range of products even more. So, if the provider has added deep drawn cases to the list, along side other several products, then you are in good hands. It means that your partner is constantly improving and you have a lot to gain from this attitude.


Quality certification


When collaborating with a provider, operating on the deep drawing field, you need to be sure, one way or another that the products offered are of a high quality. There is no taking someone’s word for it. You have to be practical and ask for certification. If your partner is already offering such certifications, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. So, check this aspect with your provider and make sure you have those certifications.


Communication between design departments


Some providers might say that they cannot accomplish your requirements, so you might decide to settle or make compromises. This is not how things should function in the world of business. You need specific components in order to continue the assembly of your own gadgets. So, the provider you are collaborating is a good choice only if there is a solid and adequate communication between the two parts. If your design department can communicate with the same department part of the deep drawn provider’s company, then you are in good hands. If that communication fails to exist, then you might have a problem and changes might be in order. Not all entrepreneurs value communication, as they are attracted by the low rates practiced by some providers. However, an incomplete communicate might turn out to be significantly more costly.

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3 reasons why LoL players should have a smurf account

3 reasons why LoL players should have a smurf account

The truth is that many League of Legends players have smurf accounts for their servers and it is only normal to wonder if they really need them. The reason why players buy cheap LoL accounts in the first place is to improve. The matter of fact is that getting from level 1 to level 30 is quite difficult, requiring a great deal of patience and of course time. It is much simpler to buy a smurf account that is professionally leveled to level 30. But what is exactly a smurf account? Generally, a League of Legends smurf account is made the same person who has already reached level 30, the only difference being that now you start a whole new gaming experience and you do not have the same summoner name. Basically, it is a low-level account. However, you may not be tempted to pay to get to League of Legends level 30 when you can do that on your own. There are many reasons why you should purchase a smurf account, but we will only present the top 3 ones.


Fastest way to level 30 in LoL

Reaching the maximum level in League of Legends can take a very long time. As stated previously, you need time and patience. Practically, you are required to spend countless hours of playing on the computer with players who are low skilled. Hwy would you spend so much time leveling up and reaching level 30 when you can simply save time by buying an account? What you have to keep in mind is that in order to reach level 30 you need added booster packs, but even with all the additional booster packs per match you will still not be able to reach level 30 in a short period of time. As a matter of fact, it will take a great deal of time to get there.

Playing LoL with less skilled players

Are you interested in getting an easy win and having fun while you do so? Well, if you want to play League of Legends with less skilled players, then you should definitely buy a smurf account. You will be able to start from scratch due to the fact that all tabs are unranked. You will not have to deal with the frustration that you are destroyed every time. On the contrary, summoners like you can be champions for once. You will practice and you will practice until you become a winner or until you know what all of the skills do. You will be able to try unusual compositions and strategies without getting involved in the high level matches.

Everything is already unlocked

The great thing about creating a new game experience is that you have many champions and skins already unlocked. This means that you will not have to play non-stop tournaments or pay extra in order to unlock the champions or the skins. You will save a lot of time, not to mention that you will be able to play the game professionally. While freebies are not the only thing that should be on your mind, they should not be neglected either.

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