Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Minimal design – the go-to choice for modern websites

Those who are into Internet and technology have probably noticed that an interesting image is popular on designer forums: the image shows a then & now evolution of major websites, from the moment they went online (usually around the year 2000) until the present day. And if you live and breathe web design, that image is food for thought. Sometimes, users don’t notice subtle changes (i.e. the tiny, tiny Google logo change earlier in 2014) made to websites, but looking at websites that have about 10 years between them, it’s obvious that something major has changed and websites aren’t designed the way they used to be. Granted, the biggest part of these changes is due to the evolution of technology itself: faster servers, better hardware and widely available high-speed connectivity have all led to the development of markup languages. However, the visual aspect has also changed. Minimalism isn’t just about art, music, fashion and furniture. This trend has also entered the world of website design. All respectable designers are advocating for it. Web design Ottawa companies advice their clients to have their websites redesigned from scratch to stay competitive. So what is minimal design and why should you care about it?


Obviously, the name speaks for itself: less is more. The Web 2.0 is no place for intricate graphics, bloated pages, infinite number of columns and custom cursors. These outdated trends have been replaced with clean, intuitive and functional principles: images are few, but impactful, animations and transitions are smooth and there’s only enough text to grasp your attention. Content is easy to find and scan, the color scheme is carefully chosen so as not to upset the eye. Navigation is simple and seamless and all useless elements are subtracted. The result is a website that’s easy to use and that delivers useful information and makes an impact without overwhelming the user. The modern user has neither time nor patience: if your website doesn’t draw his attention in the first 30 seconds, he’ll probably ignore it, regardless of the quality of your products or content.


Obviously, the lack of quantity led to an increase in quality. Minimal web design also focuses on high quality graphics, beautiful fonts and the smart use of text. However, you can rest assured that all this simplicity is anything for emotionless. A professional web designer will know how to play with all the above mentioned elements to create all sorts of looks, such as elegant, funky, dramatic, spooky or fresh. Details really matter and they can really make a difference between a minimal website and an incomplete one. Last, but not least, minimal design is very practical and involves less maintenance. Obviously, you will need to tweak something from time to time, but at least you don’t have to worry about changing the header image or every time you get bored of it. To discover the secrets of minima web design and implement it on your website, get in touch with a professional designer.

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iNexxus on Holidays: A Marketer’s Dream Come True

iNexxus on Holidays: A Marketer’s Dream Come True

Winter holiday spending is crucial for retailers, accounting for as much as 40% of annual sales revenue, according to the National Retail Federation. With so much at stake, retailers must pull out all the stops when it comes to holiday marketing. A good place to start is with a look back at the most successful holiday campaigns and customer conversion behavior from last year’s holiday season. It is important to note that online sales increased dramatically last year, while in-store sales have actually declined by a few percent. The purchasing behavior of consumers from the previous years showed a clear preference for online shopping, determining marketing specialists like iNexxus to focus on digital brand marketing in 2014.


In fact, all major brands pooled their resources to create innovative and eye-catching digital campaigns last holiday season. For instance, Kate Spade appealed to its target audience consisting of stylish women with a video starring Anna Kendrick. The candid video showing the actress locked out of her apartment was entitled “The Waiting Game” and garnered more than 150K views in just a couple of weeks. This digital marketing strategy helped Kate Spade increase the number of people talking about the brand by 30%. Best Buy has also managed to increase their earned impressions by 111% in December of last year by engaging and encouraging customers to hint for presents and advertise new ways to use their products via emerging networks like Vine, while Budweiser received more than 500,000 hits on Twitter with its #HolidayBuds campaign.


Engage buyers during the pre-purchase research phase


If it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside retail stores, it is time to upgrade your digital marketing strategy for the holiday shopping season too. The strategy you adopt during the pre-purchase research phase is essential in determining your sales success this year, because buyers tend to make gift-shopping lists only after exploring their options online. 22% of consumers spend more money than they originally intended when shopping online because of online marketing campaigns, while 85% of shoppers use some type of digital device to do their research before and during shopping. The use of digital before and during shopping brings a 40% increase in conversions.


It is important to adjust the campaigns you are running to deliver the maximum value during the most profitable time of the year. Digital marketers like iNexxus get customers’ attention during the holiday season by using purchasing and behavioral data from past years to offer relevant promotions. Analyzing the most revenue impacting changes in shopper behavior occurring during holiday season is essential. For instance, holiday shoppers hop from brand to brand while hunting for limited time deals, speeding up the entire shopping process. What is more, the shopping frequency increases dramatically, because consumers buy more things more frequently during the holidays. Unlike the rest of the year when your customers would consist of a balanced mix of browsers, shoppers, bouncers and loyal customers, you should also expect the number of low-engagement customers to increase dramatically during these couple of months.


How to deliver results during the most hectic time of the year


The changes in shopper behavior during the holidays mean the marketing rules you had in place until now must change. What works in non-holiday months will not necessarily bring results at the end of the year. For example, you should speed up delivery time, because consumers will make purchasing decisions faster. Therefore, you need to speed up the timing of triggered campaigns to engage them and ensure they will not leave to purchase elsewhere. You should also loosen your restrictions on the frequency at which customers receive promotional messages. Generally, you will have rules in place to prevent your customers from being included in a certain campaign more than once per month to avoid annoying them, but you should forget about these restrictions during the holiday season, because consumers expect to receive offers rather than actively search for them during these hectic couple of months. You should also create multiple versions of the same campaign to ensure the increase in delivery time and frequency will not backfire on you. Last, but not least, be creative! Consumers are more responsive to innovation during the holiday season, so take advantage and spruce up your creative imagery.

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Remove unwanted body hair quickly and efficiently

Remove unwanted body hair quickly and efficiently


Shaving and waxing may be the most popular methods of hair removal, but none is as efficient as laser hair removal. Beam technology is the most effective way for obtaining fast and durable results. Although in the past it was necessary to pay a great deal to have the procedure carried out, now laser hair removal prices are more than fair. You can either go to the dermatologist’s clinic for the procedure or use DYU kits. Which is the best solution for you?


The truth about home laser hair removal kits

At present, consumers are provided with the possibility of purchasing DIY kits that they can use at home and that are said to have the same effects as those used in professional clinics. However, if you carefully read the feedback coming from the web, you will immediately change your mind. Even though the technology is more refined than a couple of years ago, IPL devices are not that good. It is believed that the hair actually grows back quicker and thicker. Most of the DIY kits are meant to scam people of their money, not to mention that they are extremely expensive. You are better off going to the salon.

How does the treatment work exactly?

Laser hair removal implies destroying unwanted follicles by means of exposure to laser light. A concentrated beam of light is directed to the hair and this light is immediately absorbed by the pigment. The follicle is damaged to such an extent that there will be no future growth. The result can last from several months to a couple of years, depending on the person. It is important to mention that the energy of the laser used in a salon is bigger than any DIY kit. Since the professionals use a wavelength of 808nm, the cosmetic treatment is most suitable for thick and black strands.

Benefits of laser hair removal

The main advantage is that the beam of light targets only pigmented areas of the skin, meaning that the skin surrounding the follicle is not burned. Although used since the year 1997, it is only recently that this type of treatment has been approved by the FDA. Compared to other methods, you only feel a slight pinch on the skin. Even though people have different pain tolerance levels, it is certainly better than resorting to waxing. Most people agree that waxing is by far the most painful.

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How a two-wheel scooter works and where you can use it

How a two-wheel scooter works and where you can use it

When you have a car often, you have to park it at a big distance from your work place and you lose a lot of time walking. Modern technology developed many devices that help people getting faster to their destination. In crowded cities traffic congestion is a daily issue, and many people purchased a Two Wheel Scooter to help them get quicker where they need. Therefore, if you live in such a crowded city and are looking for a way to ease your walking you should know that these little devices are faster and easy to park. Do not think that using a smart scooter will make you look less serious; even the UK Metropolitan Police used some devices that are related to these ones.


What technology they use

Two wheel scooters have electric motors that are powered by phosphate. They are based on lithium ion batteries and are easy to charge straight from your house. They also have 5 gyroscopic sensors and 2 tilt sensors. This little device has servo drive motors that assist wheel rotation either backward or forward. This assistance is made according to the needed balance and propulsion. Riders can control the scooter movement by holding the handle bar closer or farther to their bodies. The newest models differ a little from the older ones, because they provide steering trough the tilt located on the handle bar. It has a high tech design that allows you to enjoy it for least a decade. It was designed to be a perfect support for you if you want to reach areas that are inaccessible trough cars. Every battery charge will give you the possibility of riding up to 38 kilometers and even tough  it is electrically powered it is still a cheap mode of transportation.

Where you can use it

Depending on the region or continent, you are living there are some restrictions where you can use or not your two-wheel scooter. For example in Canada, every county has different regulations about using these motorized vehicles. In Alberta, you cannot use it on sidewalks that abut the public roads. In Ontario, you can use it if you have over 14 years old and no disabilities. They also use it for door-to-door postal deliveries. In the United States of America, you are allowed to use it on sidewalks, but some states forbid to have a speed bigger than 25 miles per hour. San Francisco uses it for tours in several trails and lanes, and also Disney offers visitors the possibility of riding it in Disney California Adventure Park. If you are living in Asia, you should know that it is used for various purposes, for example on the international airports for security reasons and movement. In China, public authorities use it to patrol locations like Tiananmen Square. In Australia, this device is not legally allowed, but it is permitted to use it around some tourist destinations. Some authorities made their use legal if the riders wear helmets. In Europe are used often for guided city tours and most of the countries allows their usage on public streets. Some states ask for insurance on the scooters and for users to have license plates. Try this new device and enjoy walking every morning to your job.



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An overview of the different types of rapid prototyping      

An overview of the different types of rapid prototyping      

The speedy creation of a full-scale model is known as rapid prototyping. In the world of manufacturing, three-dimensional models of parts or products are necessary for testing the efficiency of the product or part before being manufactured in larger quantities. Prototyping in Ottawa is becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing industry owing to the fact that 3D printing is a lot cheaper and faster compared to additive fabrication machines. Nonetheless, there are several types of additive methods.

What is rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping can be defined as an additive process that is used in order to assemble prototype models. More precisely, material is added to the model during the construction phase instead of separating the material from a solid block. The reason why it is necessary to create a building model of a new product or to revision existing products is to get approval for full-scale production. Not only are designers able to evaluate their designs and identify faults and omissions, but also display the idea to interested parties.

Rapid prototyping techniques

There are numerous rapid prototyping techniques that vary according to technology, materials used and way of working with the material.

  1. Selective laser sintering or SLS

Selective laser sintering is one of the most popular methods used for creating working models. SLS uses a carbon dioxide laser for fusing material such as glass particles, metal and plastic into the finished model. The laser is similar to the CAD model in the sense that it modifies the power into a solid body.

  1. Direct Metal Laser Sintering or DMLS

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is considered a revolutionary technique that works with metal powders. The reason why this version is becoming more and more demanded is that it allows manufacturers to create models at a rapid pace, not to mention that it is cost-effective.

  1. Stereolithography

The process is based on ultraviolet laser that shapes the CAD file into the prototype model. Although SLA is the oldest method for printing, it has been marked by recent developments, meaning that 3D printing has been incorporated into the process. The 3D printing method creates the model layer by layer in order to build the desired shape.

The impact on manufacturing

The truth is that 3D printing has the ability to change the economies for small and innovative companies. Thanks to the fact that 3D printers are more and more cheap companies can afford to invest in such as technology and manufacture their own parts. On the other hand, they can resort to companies that offer prototyping services and benefit from the low costs. The models that these companies produce are actually good enough for production uses and companies can thus afford to save money.


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Problems one can avoid with salon scheduler software

Problems one can avoid with salon scheduler software

Running a hair salon might seems like an easy job, but in reality it can be rather difficult at times. This is really why only a few manage to run successful businesses of this kind over a longer period of time. The truth is that in such a competitive market even the smallest of problems could easily shake a salon rather seriously and in some cases, these might never recover. However, for every problem there is a solution and in this particular case, entrepreneurs should definitely consider investing in salon scheduler software. There are quite a few problems you could avoid when installing and using this app.  Perhaps that being aware of the problems you will avoid, you might be more eager to try this tool, so here are three of them.


Last minute cancelled appointments

This is the nightmare of any stylist wishing to make profit from his passion. Clients canceling in the last minute are a problem, as you do not have the time to replace it with another one. Thus, you can consider that appointment as lost profit. The easy way out would be to invest in an app that keeps close contact with the clients, reminding you of the scheduled meeting. This way, in case something should appear, the client will let you know in real time, allowing you to make adjustments in your schedule, even replace one cancelled appointment with a new one, holding on to your profit.


Always lacking the necessary products

Unfortunately, keeping track of the list of products is a tedious and time-consuming activity that is delayed endlessly by the staff working at the salon. Unfortunately, this attitude will later come to haunt you, as you might be in the middle of an appointment, lacking those essential products. What happens then? You will excuse yourself and consider the strong possibility that you have lost a client. This particular problem can be easily sorted out by means of the salon app, as you are given the option to track the inventory fast and simple by means of the software. Also, when you are almost out of products, you are notified by the application. Therefore, the situation previously presented is a memory.


Establishing client relationships: a difficult mission

For some stylists starting up relationships with clients can be rather difficult, especially if their services are highly popular. Your clients will expect to be treated adequately and all discussions that have taken place to be remembered. It might be rather complicated to keep track of all the conversations. Instead of thinking what the last talk with a client was, you could use the dedicated software in your best interest and keep track of your clients by means of it. You could memorize the last requested hair treatments, topics discussed or special mentions about your clients. This way, establishing close relationship with your customers will no longer seem difficult.


The reality is that such an investment could spare you of a great deal of problems and rescue you from difficult stations, of that you may rest assured.

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Choosing an office cleaning service for your business

Choosing an office cleaning service for your business

In order for you to maintain the success of your business, keeping the office a clean environment is necessary. Most of the business owners do not opt for a permanent janitor, but rather for office cleaning services, due to the fact that it is more profitable, and at the same time efficient.  An office cleaning service will take the worry of keeping the work environment as sanitary as possible out of your hands. Just by hiring the right team, you will be assured that your office will be a safe area in sanitary terms. If you are wondering how to choose the right office cleaning services, then a few tips may help you in your decision.

Experience and reputability

When choosing an office cleaning service, you need to look for a team that will meet all your cleaning needs. Cleaning services that have been on the market for some time and have made a good reputation in this industry will be a wise choice. The experience of the company will be a proof that their abilities are properly developed, and will meet high expectations. Moreover experience in the cleaning industry will also mean that they have a well developed system that can handle any cleaning problem you may have. Another aspect you should look into would  be if the cleaning company has its own insurance. If an incident happens at your office during the cleaning hours, you need to be sure that you will not be obligated to provide financial help. A cleaning company that has made a name for itself will surely provide its employees with insurance in the work environment, so you do not have to worry in this aspect. You will be able to make yourself an idea by visiting the company’s website and see what it has to offer, and if it seems to be a serious business, worth hiring. The company’s website will be able to offer all the information needed regarding their services, and you can see how reputable the place is by simply checking online for a few minutes.  If you are still not convinced, you can take a step further and ask for some references, if you feel the need of being assured of the company’s seriousness.

Variety of cleaning services

A trust worthy cleaning company will have at your disposal a variety of cleaning services you can choose from. You need to make a proper research on the webpage and see if the certain company can offer you the services you need for your office. You can express all your business’ needs in the cleaning area, and figure out together with the company what cleaning services would suit your business best. You do not need to worry about the cleaners interfering in your busy hours, because you can establish a clear schedule with the company beforehand. Therefore, you can decide yourself, when the all cleaning should happen. You can even have the choice of green cleaning, if you want your business to always be environmentally friendly.

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Sewing machines for beginners buyer’s guide

Sewing machines for beginners buyer’s guide

If you have decided to start sewing, you probably need some advice in choosing a suitable machine. Of course, you should first think on what type of products you are planning to undertake in order to make an idea about what might be the best machine for you. While there are many models available on the market, here are a few ideas regarding the best sewing machines for beginners:


Bother CS6000i Computerized sewing machine

This machine is very user-friendly as it has intuitive commands and can sew a variety of projects without any problems. The fact that it has 60 stitches will definitely come in handy around the house and it means that is can basically sew anything you have around the house. It is excellent to sew buttonholes, zippers, cuffs and sleeves and it has a decent user’s manual that will help you understand how to get started and how to start your basic stitches.


Janome DC2012 Décor

If you are interested in something more high-tech, this might be the way to go. This is a fully computerized sewing machine and has 50 stitch patterns. It even has a small LED screen to make it even easier to use and help you to select the stitch type easier. The speed of this machine can be easily controlled using the electronic foot control and it has some shortcut buttons above the needle which makes it easier to control and lock or reverse the stitches.


Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This machine serves perfectly well for your everyday needs, but it also comes with a 4inch square attachment for embroideries, meaning that when you get more experienced with sewing, you will be able to take on other types of projects as well. This machine is computerized and has 70 embroidery designs installed, but it connects through a USB to any computer and you can download virtually thousands of designs off the internet. The machine pretty easy to use and is certainly a good choice for any beginner.


Janome Magnolia 7318

If you need a simple sewing machine to help you to get started, this certainly is one of the best choices available out there, as this machine has the necessary simplicity to get any person started. It does not have any fancy options that you will never get to use and only confuse you as you start your learning process and its 18 stitch patters are more than enough for any household need. From quilts to clothing, this machine works great with anything, although you do need to be careful with heavier fabrics.


These are just 4 options that you should consider when you are about to buy your first sewing machine. Each one has its pros and cons, so you should take into account your needs and your budget. When you are only planning to use it for small household projects, you don’t need to invest in a professional machine with hundreds of stitching types, because you will never get your money’s worth from just making a few skirts shorter.


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