A car that has is all – Audi A8 2018

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A car that has is all – Audi A8 2018


Audi is a well-known brand and many people are wondering if their cars are as qualitative and worthy as it is said. Well, the answer is yes. Audi has cars that can easily be considered luxury cars. If you are under a budget, you might want to opt for a second-hand Audi, given the fact that it is surely going to last at least ten years from the moment you buy it. They are car producers who never cease to amaze their loyal clients. Audi A8 in Edmunds view is a car that has it all, a complete vehicle that is both amazingly good-looking and reliable, not to talk about its tremendous power. People who are passionate about cars will instantly fall in love with the specs of this car, so see below a list with some of the most important features of the brand-new Audi A8:

Basic features

The new Audi A8 is a four-wheeled beauty that is going to make you turn your head on the street to observe each detail of it. Yet, not only looks will convince you to try this car at least once in a lifetime, but its power as well. The engine equipped on the new Audi is a 3.0-liter V6 one, and it can reach up to 340 horsepower. Everything is completed by the integrated eight-speed automatic transmission that is going to transform the driving experience from A to Z in a few seconds. About the engine, it is an Intercooled Supercharger premium one and it is combined with a gasoline direct injection fuel system which work amazingly good together. The suspension type is multi-link, so you won’t have to worry about feeling a thing while driving on damaged roads.

What about interior?

After you’ve probably been already stunned by the power of this car, the interior will probably make you want to get into this car right away. The Audi MMI navigation system, the included DVD player, the available SD card slots, the voice control commands – everything is there to make your journey more enjoyable than it used to be, all caught up in two large LCD monitors beautifully placed in the front. The Bose surround system will make your feel like you bought tickets to an actual concert, considering the fourteen speakers and the subwoofer mounted on this car, reaching a tremendous 630 watts output power.