A car that has is all – Audi A8 2018

A car that has is all – Audi A8 2018


Audi is a well-known brand and many people are wondering if their cars are as qualitative and worthy as it is said. Well, the answer is yes. Audi has cars that can easily be considered luxury cars. If you are under a budget, you might want to opt for a second-hand Audi, given the fact that it is surely going to last at least ten years from the moment you buy it. They are car producers who never cease to amaze their loyal clients. Audi A8 in Edmunds view is a car that has it all, a complete vehicle that is both amazingly good-looking and reliable, not to talk about its tremendous power. People who are passionate about cars will instantly fall in love with the specs of this car, so see below a list with some of the most important features of the brand-new Audi A8:

Basic features

The new Audi A8 is a four-wheeled beauty that is going to make you turn your head on the street to observe each detail of it. Yet, not only looks will convince you to try this car at least once in a lifetime, but its power as well. The engine equipped on the new Audi is a 3.0-liter V6 one, and it can reach up to 340 horsepower. Everything is completed by the integrated eight-speed automatic transmission that is going to transform the driving experience from A to Z in a few seconds. About the engine, it is an Intercooled Supercharger premium one and it is combined with a gasoline direct injection fuel system which work amazingly good together. The suspension type is multi-link, so you won’t have to worry about feeling a thing while driving on damaged roads.

What about interior?

After you’ve probably been already stunned by the power of this car, the interior will probably make you want to get into this car right away. The Audi MMI navigation system, the included DVD player, the available SD card slots, the voice control commands – everything is there to make your journey more enjoyable than it used to be, all caught up in two large LCD monitors beautifully placed in the front. The Bose surround system will make your feel like you bought tickets to an actual concert, considering the fourteen speakers and the subwoofer mounted on this car, reaching a tremendous 630 watts output power.

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Why buy the 2017 Ford Edge?

Why buy the 2017 Ford Edge?

Ford Edge is oftentimes mentioned amongst some of the best vehicles for families, since the crossover offers plenty of space for numerous families, as well as adaptive cruise control features, even for the standard versions. These vehicles are reliable, as many have found, and they provide an economic mean of transportation for them and their families. The 2017 Ford Edge is a truly amazing car, for the reasons you will find below.


1. It’s quite a handsome vehicle

If terms of style, the new crossover competes with many European vehicles. The well-defined lines make it seem to be muscular and the LED taillights give it a little class as well. Moreover, the 21 inch wheels give the model a stunning, powerful stance. All in all, if you are searching for a truly handsome crossover, this is the one for you.

2. Comfortable interior

Your family will find taking a ride in this car to be quite a joyful experience. To this contribute the high levels of comfort offered by it and the new features incorporated by the manufacturer. Having one of the roomiest cabins in its class, it will comfortably fit a family with three children in the back. And as a plus, the legroom offered by it is plenty, so nobody will ever complain about the time spend in the car. Optional features one could include are the ventilated front seats and heated rear seats. This will enhance the levels of comfort experienced by all occupants. Also, another feature that all families will love is the 40 feet of cargo space available in the back.

3. High levels of safety

Great news for all Ford lovers, because the 2017 Ford Edge received a five star safety rating this year! Especially preferred by parents, they have great reasons for investing their money in this amazing piece of engineering. The crossover has outstanding crash protection features, a couple of techy driving aids incorporated, as well as an assisted parking camera for more visibility in blind spots. The forward collision warning is yet another reason to love this car.

4. A fast car

The new 2.7L EcoBoost engine to produce 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque will allow the 2017 Nissan Edge to give drivers a little adrenaline rush, if this is what they’re searching for.

Here are all the features that make out of this car a perfect one for adventures or for family trips. You decide what you will be using it for.

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Why read reviews before purchasing a robot vacuum?  

Why read reviews before purchasing a robot vacuum?  


Robot vacuums are truly a revolutionary invention, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time doing activities that you actually enjoy. If you have decided that is time to get your own robot vacuum cleaner, and thus minimize household chores, the next step is choosing one from the various options available on the market. Before placing an order, one thing you should do is read some reviews, to figure out if you are choosing the right buy or not. You will easily find an informative website that contains enough information on the topic, one example being allpowermoves.com review. Here are the reasons why checking reviews in advance is highly recommended:

Learn about its features

If you have never used a robot vacuum cleaner before, you probably do know much on the topic, and are not quite sure what you should look for. A review written by someone that understands these types of devices better will tell you exactly what the best features of a particular brand are, and if they are sufficient for your household needs. From sucking efficiency to ease of operation and battery life, there are a few things you will need to learn about the product before buying it, to make sure your investment is worth making.

What type of surfaces does the device work best on?

Perhaps you have found a vacuum cleaner that has a high rating, but although it might offer an impressive performance, if it does not function properly on the surface you need, you might end up not using it as often as you would desire. A review will help you find out exactly the surface it work best on. If you are interested in carpet cleaning for example, you need a vacuum that has been designed for that, the same goes for wood surfaces – this aspect is relevant if you have thick carpets all around the house floors, or perhaps wood surfaces. An informative website will clear out this detail.

Find a cheaper alternative

Perhaps you have your eye set on a particular robot vacuum that comes with all the amazing features you are interested in, but the price is a bit too much for your budget. Well, by reading reviews you can find alternatives that are far cheaper but come with the same performance and feature set. Why spend a fortune on a vacuum cleaner when another brand just as good offers you a cheaper version? An informative website will prevent you from spending more money on this device than you need.

Regardless of your budget or what type of vacuum cleaner brand you might be interested in, documenting yourself thoroughly on the subject will be necessary, if you want to get the best product for your money. Considering the extensive selection of robot vacuums, choosing one without having any expertise on the subject can be quite risky, so look for help on an informative website and the details you will learn will help you make the right purchase.

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How Responsive Design is Killing Apps

How Responsive Design is Killing Apps

You may ask yourself what responsive design is because you have heard many people talking about this subject. Well, you should know that responsive design has the purpose of making cross-device a seamless experience, by adapting the design of your desktop to the one of your mobile device. In the majority of cases, condensing the content designed for being read on a desktop, into a small screen has the effect of decreasing the chances users actually reading it. In few words, responsive design simply causes major loss in conversation rates.

Responsive design only clutters sites with irrelevant content for the visitors, and because the design is created with a desktop in mind, the visitor will end up being confused and frustrated, because they are not able to understand too much from it. The majority of websites do not have a special version of content created for mobile devices. The best thing they can do is to work with experts when they design their website and phone app. So why responsive design is the one that kills the majority of apps from the market, and can you do to avoid this?


Responsive design defeats people’s expectations

The first rule when you want to have satisfied users is to offer them what they expect. And there is no worse thing to do than to confuse people. Responsive design defeats users’ expectations it takes a page created for a standard desktop, and it minimizes it, in order to fit the screen of a mobile device. For example, when you visit a blog, the basic design of the page is repeated to ease people’s navigation on the website. But when they access it from their mobile devices the sidebar disappears, and the users are not able to find it, where they expect it to be.

Follow the example of mobile bingo apps

If you want to have a proof that responsive design is not an option any longer, then you should check the mobile versions created by bingo providers. They have created a different site for mobile devices because it was obvious that the number of users will decrease, if they would stay with responsive design. You will find in the app store a version of the software you can download and use on your mobile device, and it will have all the features, exactly where they are supposed to be.

You have the possibility to play casino games or scratch cards on your phone, for example, and you can be sure that your success will not be affected by responsive design. If you are looking for online bingo tips, then you can read it both on your phone and your computer, you will have the same experience, because bingo apps providers prefer to create a mobile version of their app, rather than choosing the responsive design.

Responsive design takes longer to be created and it costs a lot

If you opt for responsive design for your website, then you should expect it to cost you a lot. Many people would state that it is cheaper to opt for responsive design rather than sketching a separate mobile site, but it is worth to lose your customers because the website does not offer them the experience they expect to have? The choice is up to you, depending on the content on your site, you can choose to talk with a professional to fix your responsive design site, or to create an app that will take users’ experience to the next level.

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Pros and cons of buying a 2017 Ford Focus

Pros and cons of buying a 2017 Ford Focus

It is generally agreed that Ford is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturers and it has made a name for itself in the past decades. This company has always placed its customers’ interests on the first place and has looked for various ways to improve their products with every new car they have launched. According to Edmunds, the 2017 Ford Focus has definitely exceeded customers’ expectations. If you are interested in buying this car model, you should first check the pros and cons mentioned below.


Pro – excellent gas mileage

Compared to previous Ford Focus models, the 2017 one comes with some changes in the engine in the sense that it provides drivers with great gas mileage due to the EcoBoost technology, which makes the perfect choice for those looking for some extra fuel savings.

Pro – easy to handle

Another good reason why you should choose the 2017 Ford Focus model instead of any other cars is that it is extremely easy to handle. It may not be a sports car, yet it feels very responsive, not to mention that the electric steering system offers the exact amount of road feedback you need. Worth mentioning is also the fact that despite the sportiness of the car, the ride comfort is not affected in any way.

Pro – silent ride

In terms of quietness, this car model is definitely one that stands out from the crowd. Whether you are travelling at low or highway speed, the level of road and wind noise is at its minimum and this is due to the top build quality the manufacturer invested in the car. The insulation system Ford applied on this model is beyond what drivers could ask for.

Con – acceleration may not please every type of driver

It was already mentioned that the sharp handling of 2017 Focus is a top feature, yet it may not please every driver in the sense that its acceleration may not leave everyone amazed. When the EcoBoost is turned on, it takes nearly 10 seconds for the car to reach 60 mph, which may not be enough for those interested in sports cars.

Con – forward collision warning technology still not available

The car is stated to be one of the safest vehicles on the market and many people who have already made a purchase agree to this fact. Yet, it is important to mention that some of Ford’s rivals have come up with forward collision warning technology, which may prove to be a determining criterion for some buyers.

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Three signs you have the right deep drawn provider

Three signs you have the right deep drawn provider

So you are the lucky owner of a trustworthy company. However no matter how good business is going, try not to forget that there is always room for improvement. Most company owners settle with the idea that profit is coming and think that things will never change. This is a huge mistake and in one way or another it is the main reason for which so many businesses fail, year after year. The truth is in business, as well as in most aspects of life, there is always room for better and it is your personal duty to see that you achieve a better you constantly. This might mean dedicating more time to researching possibilities, keeping your mind and eyes open for new collaborations and opportunities and looking closely at your company. Ask yourself: could you do better or have you reached that point where balance has been obtained? Here are three signs that you are working with the right deep drawn provider. See if they fit in your case or if you could do better.


Variety in products


This is one aspect that needs to be considered at all times, starting with moment zero. From the very beginning of your collaboration, you need to make sure that the provider you are working with has a lot to offer. However, you need to constantly come back to this aspect and check if the provider has diversified its range of products even more. So, if the provider has added deep drawn cases to the list, along side other several products, then you are in good hands. It means that your partner is constantly improving and you have a lot to gain from this attitude.


Quality certification


When collaborating with a provider, operating on the deep drawing field, you need to be sure, one way or another that the products offered are of a high quality. There is no taking someone’s word for it. You have to be practical and ask for certification. If your partner is already offering such certifications, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. So, check this aspect with your provider and make sure you have those certifications.


Communication between design departments


Some providers might say that they cannot accomplish your requirements, so you might decide to settle or make compromises. This is not how things should function in the world of business. You need specific components in order to continue the assembly of your own gadgets. So, the provider you are collaborating is a good choice only if there is a solid and adequate communication between the two parts. If your design department can communicate with the same department part of the deep drawn provider’s company, then you are in good hands. If that communication fails to exist, then you might have a problem and changes might be in order. Not all entrepreneurs value communication, as they are attracted by the low rates practiced by some providers. However, an incomplete communicate might turn out to be significantly more costly.

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