Why use a Directory and Direct Dial Contact service

Why use a Directory and Direct Dial Contact service


You might have heard at least once about directory and direct dial contact services, and if you haven’t, then perhaps now it is time to learn about them. You have probably dealt on more than one occasion with an unpleasant situation where you were in need of contacting a particular company but were unable to find their contact details or customer service phone number. Well, with the help received by a reputable telephone directory firm, such as numbershelpline.co.uk, this type of problem will no longer exist in your life. If you want to discover more useful details on the topic, and to learn how this type of service can be useful, just keep reading:

No more inconveniences

Calling to the wrong number to complain about a problem you might have had with a said company is most certainly an embarrassing situation. When you are searching the web looking for the customer service details of a business, you can always risk to be misguided, and offered the wrong number. This will not happen if you use a directory and direct dial service. Because these types of services have the role of offering you up-to-date and reliable phone numbers, there will not be any inconveniences you might have to worry about. Wrong dialling will no longer be a problem, so this is the first reason why you should resort to a telephone directory.

Saving time

Even if you might finally manage to find the customer service number you are interested in, this task could take you much more time than you would want to waste. Why complicate yourself, and spend dozens of minutes browsing the web for something you can receive in less than two minutes. If you contact the right telephone directory service, you will be instantly provided with any phone number of any business you might need – no more wasted time. You can get in touch with the company you desire immediately, which is certainly the advantage you were looking for.

Affordable option

You might be thinking that using this type of service can be quite expensive, and you might end up with an unreasonable phone bill at the end of the month. Well, although some directories do charge higher than normal fees, if you search with care for the right directory and direct contact service, you will not have to pay for the call more than you would for any 843/0844 number. So, this type of service can actually be quite affordable, as long as you research properly, and choose an option with attention.

As you can see, a telephone directory service can help you in the most unexpected situations, and using one can provide you with several benefits. The aspects mentioned above are strong enough reasons to choose this option next time you are in need of a customer service number, and not waste your time searching on the web by yourself. It save you time and stress, so it is certainly an alternative worth considering.

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The benefits of WordPress web hosting

The benefits of WordPress web hosting


There is no doubt that WordPress is the favourite content management software of all time. People from all corners of the world use this CMS because it is easy to use, not to mention that it provides a decent selection of templates. If you are planning to launch a website, you should definitely use a tool like WordPress. The question now is how you get your online platform up and running. Simple. You choose a WordPress web hosting provider. Once you do that, you will have your website. Any webserver in the world can host your site. If you are working with a good company, you will hardly ever have a problem.

Below, we dive into the benefits of WordPress hosting.

Speedy WordPress performance

WordPress is a good online platform, but this does not mean that it is without flaws. Sometimes, the loading speeds can be quite slow. The last thing you want is to end up with a sluggish website. The popularity of your site depends on the loading speed, so hiring hosting services is essential. Hosting has a considerable impact on the loading speed of the pages but in a positive way. The page loading times are quick, so you do not have to worry that users will run away from your website. The online platform will load wickedly fast. People will be happy and, as an added bonus, your site will rank higher in search engine results.


WordPress hosting platforms are fitted with security features, meaning that you do not have to worry your head about things like hacker attacks. WordPress hosting providers offer the best security they can. Their experts monitor for website vulnerabilities all the time and make sure to update the WordPress platform. Every so often, advanced security protocols are met in place. When this happens, the hosting accounts are isolated and you are required to purchase plugins. The point is that your customer information will not be at risk due to negligent practices. Your hosting provider plays an essential role in the security of your site.

Specialist support

One of the most overlooked aspects of WordPress success is web hosting. Thanks to web hosting, your website gets millions of visitors per month. Plus, you get expert IT support when you come across problems. But could you possibly have trouble with?  As reliable as WordPress is, it does cause problems from time to time. Things like broken links, coding, themes, and hosting issues can only be handled by a team of trained professionals. No matter what problems you have on your hands, do not despair because you enjoy specialist support.

Web hosting is the best recommendation for starter websites. After all, you want to build a website, not manage an online server, right? WordPress hosting is the solution you need. Your site loads fast, you get tons of visitors, and it will not get hacked. Regardless if you have a growing site or you are a company that is dedicated to performance, consider web hosting for your WordPress site.


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Recognising the Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Recognising the Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Contrary to what many people believe, Internet addiction is a real thing and could have potentially dreadful consequences. As is the case with many addictions, being aware of where to draw the line between seemingly “normal” activities and the ones that indicate an addiction could be extremely difficult. As the Internet is becoming a truly integral part of everyday life for most people, millions spend much of their lives connected online.

Nevertheless, the difference lies in knowing how to retain control over using the Internet, rather than ending up being controlled by a strong addiction or compulsion. However while accepting that you yourself might be developing a web addiction could be tricky, talking about it with loved ones or friends could be even more difficult.

So as far as the professionals specialising in counselling in Canterbury are concerned, what represent the most indicative and common symptoms to be on the lookout for?

Spending Time Alone

One of the most common sign of Internet addiction is spending an increased or excessive amount of time alone with a computer or a device. What represents a “normal” amount of time would naturally vary enormously from one individual to the next. Nevertheless, if escalating changes are observed in the amount of time a person spends alone with a computer, it can constitute an early sign of addiction.

Getting Defensive

As is the case with many addictions, being unnecessarily defensive could be a warning sign. When a person gets excessively defensive when being confronted about their activities, it usually represents a confirmation that they are feeling regretful or shameful about their behaviour.

Living in Denial

The same is also true for denial as when dealing with a genuine addiction, lying or denying activities and actions is very common to say to least. As stated above, denial is commonly the result of regret, shame or embarrassment, which shows that the person in question is to some extent aware of the fact that what they’re doing is detrimental or unhealthy.

Chaotic Routines

Another very common sign of a developing Internet addiction is when the person slowly but surely starts breaking their usual routines. It is likely that this kind of behaviour happens gradually and could hence make it tricky where exactly to draw the line. If nevertheless it is becoming evident that a former routine has been slowly broken and Internet use is becoming their priority, it could be a warning sign of addiction.

Social Isolation

Again, this is the type of warning sign that could take some time to really manifest and so it could be difficult to pinpoint in the case of a loved one or a close friend. People with advanced Internet addiction usually tend to be socially isolated, while spending the vast majority of their time alone at a computer or device. Nowadays, almost everybody is guilty of being a little too “attached to the screen” in the presence of family members or friends. Nonetheless, when a person seems to be slowly becoming more and more isolated from social encounters and activities, it could be the sign of an addiction.

Increased Anxiety

One of the strongest symptoms of Internet addiction is that of experiencing panic or anxiety in situations where an Internet connection is not available. In some instances, addicts would specifically try to avoid going or travelling to a place where they might face the prospect of having no Internet connection for some period of time. Likewise, when they’re unexpectedly denied an Internet connection – flat battery, dropping signal or broken device – the person might exhibit signs of nervousness, agitation and anxiety.

Workplace Problems

It is also pretty common for a person’s work life to suffer when Internet addiction is involved. In some cases, addicts will find themselves habitually contravening firm policies and guidelines by being continuously connected to the Internet throughout the day. Such situations in the workplace are becoming increasingly common these days, though when work suffers, it is possible that the person in question might be facing an addiction.

Neglecting Sleep

Last but not least, Internet addicts might find it very difficult to fall asleep due to their inability to log off. Whether it is going to bed late every night, waking up to check Internet accounts or simply not being in shape to function properly in the morning, these all could be the signs of Internet addiction.


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Discussing the future of hypnotherapy

Discussing the future of hypnotherapy

Millions of people around the world are using hypnosis when attempting to achieve their goals. The fact is that deep sleep can really help you get where you want to be. Hypnosis aids you understand whether you are setting unrealistic goals and plan your future. If you want to change your behavior patterns, you totally can. Hypnosis is a tool designed for expanding mental awareness, so you can be sure that it will make you function more productively. You should not imagine, however, that this kind of undertaking is something mystical. On the contrary, experts like Marshall Sylver work with modern techniques. Common elements include a wonderfully comforting voice and at times a pendulum, but some hypnotists make use of modern technology as well. What are they exactly?

CD players

The idea of subliminal messages is not at all new. The fact is that marketing companies have used this technique from the beginning of time. One of the greatest instruments that a professional can use is a CD player. In addition to obtaining faster results, the CD player is useful when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere. Music improves the mood naturally and of course induces a state of relaxation. However, there is no guarantee that audio technology will work for everyone.

Computers and mind power

It is commonly believed that hypnosis has nothing to do with technology. Yet, there is a strong resemblance between mesmerism and computer programs. To be more precise, PCs can induce a state of relaxation. Music, videos and texts all lead close to a state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity. This is the reason why computers are a viable tool for achieving a hypnotic state. While a computer cannot literally put you in trance, it can cause the changing of behavioral patterns.

Light technology

Some believe that the future of hypnosis is not complete without light technology. Light is necessary for both performance and mental training. Why light? Well, because light has a proven effect on the subconscious mind and a number of professionals therefore uses it to enhance their ability to service their clients. You could say that the future of technology is looking bright.

There is no way of knowing what technology will be used from here on. The list of tools that can be used to help people boost their psychological powers. After all, mastery is not achieved only with a pendulum. It requires a little bit more effort.


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The first steps to building a brand online

The first steps to building a brand online

Anyone can have a website or an online business, but not everyone can have a brand. To elevate your idea from business to brand, you have to think of long term strategies and take advantage of every opportunity you come across. Hiring a professional agency like http://www.xi-digital.com does come with an initial cost, but, in time, you will be able to enjoy great benefits, such as gaining customer trust and having a powerful, credible presence on the market. Besides, you will become more recognisable and it is common knowledge that people are more likely to buy products and services from companies they’ve heard of, because those inspire more trust. Some of the world’s largest companies invest millions of dollars in branding strategies and the process can become very complex, but it all has to start somewhere. These are basic steps that you should follow.

Invest in logo design

Every successful brand needs a recognisable logo, a small image or symbol with which you identify and that encompasses your main business values in a unique visual form. Although the logo is small, hours of work need to go into creating its concept. After all, it will be used to represent your brand online, so nothing should be left to chance. Keep in mind that logo design is different from web design, so work with an agency or freelancer who has developed logos before.

Think of a slogan

After you’ve created the logo, it’s time to think of a slogan. This is a short catch phrase that sums up what you do and by which you can be remembered. It has to be something short, simple, to the point and relevant. Depending on your line of work, it can be formal or humorous. Not everyone has a way with words, so choose your branding advisors wisely.

Stay active on social media

An active social media presence is a key component in a sustainable branding strategies, so you shouldn’t neglect the importance of setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. These networks are free to use and they give you the means to raise awareness on your products and services. It’s a fast and effective way of keeping in touch with customers and sharing your brand philosophy with the world. Again, you should keep in mind that every post is representative of your business, so you should be careful what topics you address and how you use words.

Spread the word offline

Last, but not least, you should think of creative ways to promote your online business in the offline environment. It may sound contradictory, but it works. Take stationery, for example. You can print your business name, logo and slogan on items such as ballpoints, pencils, agendas and clipboards and those who use them can learn about your website and check it out.

These are just the initial steps that any branding strategy should include. For professional, bespoke advice and extensive branding solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced agency.

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The best way to cash out Bitcoins

The best way to cash out Bitcoins

The great new is that Bitcoin is not going away any time soon, so if you have decided you’re you want another form of currency you are fortunate because you can make financial exchanges. Many people are wondering if it is even possible to exchange Bitcoins for cash. If you are struggling with the same dilemma, you should know that it is possible. Virtual financial transactions are similar to traditional ones, which means that if you want to cash out Bitcoins you certainly can, provided that you have a credit/debit card full of BTC. But how exactly are you doing to do this? The truth is that there are several ways to do this. After enumerating some of the options you have, we will tell you which the best one is.

Trade your bitcoin with someone else

One of the simplest resolutions to converting Bitcoins into cash is to trade with someone who is willing to buy your electronic currency. This implies actually finding someone, which may or may not be simple. What you have to keep in mind is the fact that you are not likely to find a trading partner in person. What you should do is go online and let the world know that you are selling your digital assets. If you are not lucky on social media, there are websites that can help you accomplish your goal. Time is of the essence and implicitly finding a match as soon as possible is important.

Buy a credit/debit card

This is an option that most people ignore, maybe due to the fact they do not even know that it exists. There are some companies that allow you to exchange electronic currency, but the process is not similar to traditional financial exchanges. To be more precise, you have the opportunity of buying cards worth the amount of Bitcoin in dollars. All you have to do is choose the card and use it at stores that accept it. This may seem complicated, but the truth is that this kind of service is one of the fastest way to turn your precious investment into real cash.

Selling by buying goods

This may not be the answer that you were looking for, but instead of risking to sell your electronic currency and not get their worth, you are more fortunate spending it. The great news is that most merchants accept virtual currency, so you do not have to worry that your money will be turned down. There are plenty of online stores that accept BTC to lower transaction fees and to be paid a lot faster.

Announcing the winner

Undoubtedly, all the above-mentioned methods work, but if you genuinely want to get your hands on your preferred currency, you should consider purchasing a prepaid Bitcoin card. It will take you only a couple of seconds to exchange your Bitcoins for cash. It is fast and completely secure. Once the transaction is finalized, you can go shopping at a traditional brick and mortar store and buy whatever you desire.

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