How exactly does a metal detector work?

How exactly does a metal detector work?

People have different reactions when they hear the following two words: metal detector. While the first thing that they think of is treasure hunting, others associate metal detection with airport security. On the other hand, metal detectors like Bounty Hunter Gold are tools used in a hobby called treasure hunting. Regardless of the scenarios that come to the mind, it is obvious that metal detection technology plays an important part in daily life, having a range of different uses. For this exact reason, there are so many Bounty Hunter gold detector reviews that analyze different technologies. What is interesting is that even though there are different technologies currently in use, metal detectors operate based on the same principles. So, how do they work exactly?

The encounter between magnetism and electricity

The truth is that magnetism and electricity are similar to an old married couple, which means that you cannot find one without the other. Basically each single time someone uses an electric appliance, they are relying on the connection between electricity and magnetism. Electricity is produced by a generator, which is a drum of copper wire, the moment when the wire rotates at high speed through the magnetic field, electricity is generated. The idea is that electricity produces magnetism and magnetism can be used to make electricity. The metal detector works in a similar way, which means that it produces an alternating magnetic field is created by the electricity that flows through the coil. When the electric instrument is moved over a metal object, it creates a form of magnetism. In short, when the magnetic field coming from the device causes another magnetic field to appear.

Types of metal detecting technologies

A metal detector can use one of the following technologies: Very Low Frequency (VFL), VFL Phase Shifting, Pulse Induction (PL) and Beat-frequency oscillation (BFO). VFL electronic devices have two distinct coils. The current that is moving through the transmitter coil creates an electromagnetic field and each time the current changes direction, the polarity of the magnetic field change as well. The polarity of the object’s magnetic field is opposite the coil’s magnetic field. VFL phase shifting detectors rely mostly on phase shifting, which represents the difference in timing between the transmitter coil’s frequency and he frequency of the target object. What happens is that an object with higher inductance will take longer to alter the magnetic field, while one with large resistance has a smaller phase shift. A PI system relies on reflected pulses, meaning that the magnetic fields from the target object add their echo to the reflected pulse. Last but not least, BFO technology generates radio waves and creates audible series of tones based on the difference between frequencies.

Ground signals and discrimination

Unfortunately, soils have magnetic properties and the property of the soils vary considerable. This means that signals may interfere with each other. The so-called mineralization process produces a range of signals. In order to determine if there are or there are not ferrous targets, the metal detector uses discrimination. Basically you can control the sensitivity of the device and eliminate any false signals that may appear.

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How to stay away from illegal brokers

How to stay away from illegal brokers

If you have decided that you want to start trading, the first thing you should do for a qualitative experience is to collaborate with a legit binary options broker. There are plenty of alternatives on the market, and even if at first glance, all the platforms seem to be the same, you should know that there are considerable differences between them. While some operate in the online environment, others may request that you download additional software on your computer, so you should take time and choose the one that suits you best. This activity has become more and more popular lately, which is why this domain has become appealing not only for traders but also for scams. These are trying to defraud their clients or simply expose them to various risks, due to poor processes, faulty systems and bad management. As you can see, choosing a reputable broker is not as easy as it seems at first glance, especially since there are more than 350 available on the market and each of them as its own features, benefits and drawbacks. Of course, on the one hand, some brokers are regulated by official institutions, and this means they cannot be suspected to be scams. On the other hand, not all the unregulated brokers are illegal and here is where you have to pay a lot of attention before creating an account.


Use a ranking web site

Even if there are many scams on the binary options market, fortunately there are also various dedicated platforms offering traders advice and recommendations. These professional web sites provide trustworthy tops and reviews of the best brokers available, so that beginners know what to choose. You can read for instance Banc de Binary broker reviews, and you will find out that it has an impeccable reputation, while if a platform is not on their specialized list, then you know that you should avoid them. The online environment is so resourceful, and besides these ranking web pages, you can also inform yourself about the feedback each broker has received from its previous clients.


Avoid those who offer ideal conditions

When choosing a platform, it is normal to consider its pros and cons. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages, so you should compare them and see which one is the most suitable. Remember that there are no ideal conditions, because the broker has to make profit somehow, and even the most reputable platforms will have restrictive terms – both for their protection and for yours. If a broker seems to have only benefits, then you should doubt their legality – this is normally what scams do, to attract traders.


Look for bonuses and withdrawal conditions

The bonuses are most of the times the main thing that attracts traders. Even if initially these may seem advantageous, scams often have hidden conditions which force you not to use or withdraw the money you receive, unless you fulfil certain criteria. Make sure the bonuses are legit and remember not to accept conditions which seem too good to be true, because they are probably not.

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